Hello good morning Clash Royale fans! You are here with me again JohnnyBoy. It’s been a week since I experimenting with Sparky Lumberjack Deck, also, I set this combo as my primary deck. This is relatively popular combo among clashers. But, since Sparky’s damage was nerf recently, how does it work together with Lumberjack?


Alright, in today’s article we are gonna be taking a look at Sparky Lumberjack Deck and see how Sparky adjusts with the deck after last balance update. As we all know, Sparky’s damage is decreased but the shoot time gets faster. Actually, there are no significant different from another Lumberjack Sparky that I ever wrote to you. However, there are certain card that I replace to complete the deck and make the deck stronger.

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the deck matchups first.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.4

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As you can see that there are no significant changes of the deck matchups. Our focus in countering would be on Lumberjack and Sparky. The main purpose of the countering with lumberjack Sparky is to have sparky behind Lumberjack and utilize the rage effect to fasten sparky. So, we send the Lumberjack first. And afterwards we send Sparky. At this moment, Lumberjack will be enemy’s target first and he would die first. That’s what we want, Lumberjack should die first and so the rage after-death effect will be on Sparky. That’s pretty much the goal of this Lumberjack Deck.


We will bring Wizard and Knight as well. One area dealer is a must whenever you play sparky. I believe you agree with me for this. Wizard is the perfect area dealer to protect sparky from swarmy ambush. Besides, Wizard is a hybrid troop that can reach the air. So, Wizard will excellently protect Sparky from any sides.


There is one more human form that we enclose; Knight. This one is a stopper card which we use to handle defense. I think defense with a Knight could strengthen the defense line ups. All incoming troops of enemy will be brought to the Knight first. Since he has reliable HP, we can expect him to live longer to receive damage. Meanwhile, we can send Bats or Ice Spirit to deal with those incoming troops.


It can be said that Knight is distraction. He distracts incoming troops from stepping closer to our tower and deliver damage on the tower. Not only Knight, we also have a distraction building; Tombstone. This one is famous among clashers. I think tombstone is the best building card for it can produce Skeletons which can be a great disaster for enemy. Those Skeletons annoy the enemy, slow them down, and so our tower could have more and more hits on incoming troops.

Don’t forget that we also have arrows included here. Destructive spell that deals with area is necessary to support Sparky and Lumberjack in countering. So, whenever you have Sparky and Lumberjack in countering, be ready the Arrows in case the enemy blocks your counter with swarmy ambush or Minion Horde.

What to do in early battle?

Now, let’s talk about the counter defense strategy. Since we don’t have any expensive card, we can run combo Lumber-Sparky since the beginning of the battle. If you have Knight and Wizard ready, we can run the combo Knight Wizard Sparky first. I always start countering with this combo. So, if you have required lists (Knight, Wizard, Sparky) Deploy the knight first behind your crown tower.


Step 2, send Wizard at the corner of your lane to catch up with Knight. Launch Wizard after the Knight reaches Princess tower.

Step 3, deploy Sparky on the bridge once the knight enters enemy territory. It doesn’t matter either Wizard or Sparky reaches enemy’s lane first as long as they are behind Knight. You can complete this action with Arrows if possible.


How to defend?

Now, let’s talk about defense strategy. No matter what comes to your lane, deploy tombstone on the middle of your area. Tombstone will bring all incoming troops to the middle first. We will have more time to launch other defenders. Here are the lists of defenders

After the tombstone, you see what troops coming. If they are air counter, you send wizard first behind princess tower. Then, you can send the Knight on where enemy stands. Knight will hold the enemy from destroying your tombstone and approaching closer to tower. Meanwhile, wizard on his safe spot will deal area damage on all troops from behind.

Different strategy if you face elite barbarian or hog rider. Here, we can set the Sparky as defender. So, once you see incoming Hog Rider or Elite Barbarians, deploy Sparky behind crown tower.

Here, we utilize Sparky’s performance after the nerf. Since it loads faster, it won’t take long time to kill Elite Barbarians and Hog Rider. You might need ice spirit to freeze them first and to wait Sparky’s loading.


You can set Lumberjack as defender too. Do this if you need more defense protection. At least Lumberjack strikes quickly and that’s pretty much helpful.

What to do in late game?

Once you enter the late game, you can play Lumberjack Sparky combo. You can run this combo in early game too. So, after you defending, send Lumberjack first. Without waiting any longer, deploy Sparky on the bridge.

Here, you better prepare Arrows to prevent swarmy ambush. If enemy blocks our troops with Mega Knight or Pekka, this counter will probably fail, but the Sparky could harm the Mega Knight or Pekka or any other troops.


Since this is 2x elixir moment, you can deploy all of your card in countering. Just make sure that you have Knight, Lumberjack, and Wizard on the front row. Add Bats and Ice Spirit to join the counter will increase the chance of success. This deck is cheap, strong, and you can flexibly add everything to support counter and defense.


That’s pretty much the strategy of Sparky after nerf in supporting Lumberjack Deck. Sparky loads up its bullet faster and so, we can have it anytime and more flexibly. We can set it as deadly machine for defense. In countering, we can send it with just Lumberjack to harm the tower so badly due to faster loads. Is there any of you play with Lumberjack Sparky? If yes, let me know your strategy and deck matchups. See you again soon in another useful article.

Have fun!