It turns out that the Clash Royale combination of Sparky Graveyard in one deck is so strong. Both card will ambush the enemy’s tower from front and behind. The key is to play Sparky since you defend, then counter push with Graveyard. This is it, strategy and card combination of Sparky Graveyard deck overpowered combo! 


Hey there, JohnnyBoy is back again after some times not writing to you. And today, I bring a fresh guide article of Sparky Graveyard deck. This is still rare used by majority of players, and today, I’m gonna share the best card combination and excellent strategy to win the game. 

Let’s check the deck matchups first. 

Sparky Graveyard deck overpowered combo


Average elixir cost : 3.9

As you can see, those cards are the cards that I consider the best to complete the countering with Sparky Graveyard. Valkyrie, Inferno Dragon, Tesla, Minions, and Goblins are the cards that I mostly used in higher arena to be defenders.


I assume that Valkyrie and Inferno Dragon are effective cards to defend. When we combine them together, they will execute any massive attack with tankers or known as beat down counter. 

Inferno Dragon is the best card to counter anything big sized, meanwhile Valkyrie is so perfect to distract and kill many swarm. They are the main defenders, and I highly recommend you to pick them to be in this deck. 

goblins-card-clash-royale-kingdomMinions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Next, we have Goblins and Minions. I mainly use this 2 cheap cards to help Valkyrie and Inferno Dragon. While they don’t have high HP, we can send them once the enemy locked on Valkyrie or Inferno Dragon. Goblins are good to counter Prince or Bandit. Just place them at the center of your lane, and then deploy Minions to help from the air. 

tesla card-clash-royale-kingdom

I also recommend you to pick Tesla. The tower will be so much handy if you fight against Balloon or Hog Rider. Tesla will be the first target, while Inferno Dragon hits them with its beam fire. This is also a good distraction that can help you when you don’t have tanker killer on the list. 


Lastly, we have Arrows. Use the Arrows whenever your Graveyard is on and the enemy tries to interrupt with Goblin Gang, or Minions Horde. Otherwise, use Arrows when you have Sparky and Inferno Dragon on countering. Just be ready! 

What to do in early battle?

In early battle, you can either play defensive or open counter. If you decide to play defensive, Valkyrie is a must. You need to have Valkyrie in defending if you wanna effectively secure the lane. Or else, if you decide to go on countering, you can send Sparky first behind crown tower. Then, wait till enemy deploys any defenders. Next, you can deploy Valkyrie in front Sparky to protect it from any swarms. 


In defense, use Valkyrie to distract and be enemy’s target

After Valkyrie, be ready for Graveyard. Launch Graveyard once Valkyrie enters the enemy territory. After they are all set together, prepare Arrows. That’s just so simple as that. However, the enemy must have some ways to shut your counter. Since this is the first counter, don’t deploy Inferno Dragon, keep it for defense purpose and for countering later. 


Sparky can still go on after Valkyrie died, Goblins in front

After you go on first counter, focus on defense again. Still, you run the same defense strategy with Valkyrie. If you face troops like Pekka, you need to build the Tesla. After Tesla, deploy Inferno Dragon to kill her. When you defend against troops with high HP and great damage, just play distraction with Tesla or Goblins at the center of your lane. 

What to do in late battle?

In 2 elixir, try as hard as you can to start countering from defense. And in defense line, you need to deploy Valkyrie and Inferno Dragon. After you have those 2 cards in defense, deploy Sparky after you have enough elixir. 

Now, you have Sparky behind Valkyrie and Inferno Dragon. After they enter enemy territory, deploy Graveyard just behind the princess tower. This is Sparky Graveyard overpowered combo guys! Your enemy will have to choose which one to counter first, and that’s so hard. Sparky is one of greatest damage dealer in Clash Royale, and this one shouldn’t be underestimated. Same thing with Graveyard, if the skeletons successfully pile up, the tower will be destroyed in couple seconds. 

Crazy attack, Good game!

What makes this counter even stronger is Inferno Dragon. If the dragon connects on the tower, you know what happens. At this moment, Inferno Dragon and Graveyard will distract the tower, either Inferno Dragon be the tower target, or Graveyard be the target. If one of them out of target, the free one will connect to the tower and none could stop it. 

Card replacement 


Substitute Arrows with Fireball or Zap


Keep in mind, the key of succeed is to start countering by defending with Valkyrie and Inferno Dragon. After you have a solid defense, you will most likely succeed the counter push with Sparky Graveyard. I hope you like the cards selection and the strategy. Good luck!