Hello! This is Monday and don’t forget to be awesome. Let’s rock this week with me, JohnnyBoy and play the useful strategy I’m giving you. Alright, for the starter of this week, I’m gonna talk about an awesome and rockin’ deck along with the strategy of Sparky Barbarian Hut combo ultimate.

I already wrote you an article discussing on how to play barbarian hut correctly. Now, we will combine the barbarian hut with sparky ultimate.

We will set the 2 barbarians which come out from the hut as tiny tanker for sparky. If you have read my previous article about barbarian hut, you know already that B.hut is like a train station. Meaning, we will always be cycling the barbarian as tiny tanker for sparky and other support. Every time the hut spawns barbarians, we put at least one support behind them.

Although this counter strategy is not massive, this will continuously be disturbing the enemy. Whether they want it or not, the enemy should deploy any support card to hold this light counter.

Before we discuss further, shall we take a look at the deck matchups first


average elixir cost : 3.6

Play This Deck

Alright folks, as you can see that we bring inferno dragon to join the ambush. Sometimes, we can send the inferno to join the 2 barbarians to be the damage dealer. This counter combo is no worse than sparky barbarians. For the rest of the cards, we primarily send them to defend the lane.

However, the bomber can be very effective for countering too. This tiny bomb carrier will support the inferno from the ground. He will free the inferno out of ground swarmy. Also, since we always have 2 barbarians in every counter, bomber will protect the barbarians from swarmy ambush. We actually have arrows and zap to execute the swarmy, but bomber is better. Use the zap and arrows specially to support countering with sparky. Now, let’s get deeper into countering strategy.


general gameplay

How to defend?

In both countering and defending, try to always set the barbarian hut first. Everything will get easier with it. This hut building will distract the incoming troops and also to spawn more and more valuable tiny tanker.

So, in countering, we should build the barbarian hut first. Once you have it, 2 barbarians will always come out. You should utilize this glorious opportunity to steal one or two hits to the tower.

For start-up, we can go with the 2 barbarians and goblins to go forward. Here, we don’t send anymore cards. See what troops enemy sends and play defense. It’s gonna be like a pattern. After you use 2 barbarians as tiny tankers in countering, now we utilize them to be tiny tankers for defense. Whatever coming to our territory, those troops will head to barbarians or barbarian hut first before the tower.

Once they get target the barbarians, deploy the suitable support. Deploy archers to handle single unit troops. Bomber to handle swarmy and witch. Inferno dragon to handle single tanker or any building targeting card. And we can also play defensive sparky too for elite barbarians, mega knight, golem, hog, etc. If we play defensive sparky like this, we will have an opportunity to continue with counter attack.

And how if the enemy runs massive counter? Don’t worry folks, I have a specific strategy to handle the massive attack.

Massive attack means that enemy will have more than one troops countering. Nah, that means we should send the bomber. Place the bomber beside the barbarian hut. So, no matter what comes to the barbarians will get a bomb explosion first. After the bomber we send sparky behind princess tower right before the enemy enters bridge. We need to launch sparky so early because we need the burst dealer to be launched next after.

So, sparky will be behind all defensive cards. And we launch the inferno after the enemy targets on our barbarians or the hut. Send the goblins too for distraction if the barbarians are gone. We can utilize the goblins to kill the enemy’s support like wizard or witch once they focus on any of our troops.  For example, if there’s enemy support attacks our inferno tower, we send the goblins to stop them.


always have barbarian hut in defending

How to counter?

Now, here we come to the countering strategy. Similar with the defense method, we utilize every two barbarians as tiny tankers. The troops we can send with barbarians are inferno bomber, goblins, or sparky spells, and lastly sparky inferno spells.

Whenever we go countering, just send troops mentioned above and we cycling the barbarians. I really wanna talk about the super-massive counter in 2x elixir.

In 2x elixir, we can go so brutally and massively with 2 barbarian hut ready and sparky inferno spells.

So, once you enter 2x elixir, build at least 2 barbarian huts in order to double up the tiny tankers.


parallel barbarian hut on 2x elixir

After you have 2 huts ready, deploy sparky behind the crown tower. Your elixir will recharge, and once the elixir reaches above 4 bars, deploy the inferno dragon behind 4 barbarians row. Inferno dragon will execute any single unit troops. Meanwhile, the sparky will deal with number troops and any ground troops.

Here, we should ready the spells to prevent damage on sparky and inferno. The swarmy can be serious problem on our countering. To handle that, we have 2 spells; zap and arrowsUse arrows if the enemy plays with horde and princess. And zap to execute skeleton army, goblin gang, and bats.


2 huts for sparky in 2x elixir

Right after you execute the swarmy, deploy rage on sparky inferno and barbarians. Once you rage, the sparky will be on and no matter what enemy sends is just wasting elixir. 

The only problem with our counter strategy is electro wizard. So, if you know that the enemy has electro wizard, we can split counter with inferno dragon on opposite lane. Before we do split counter, you should make sure first whether or not enemy has ewiz on the early game. If yes, you don’t deploy sparky and inferno separately. This might affect the way you build the hut.

Don’t build the hut in parallel. One hut should tend to the right and another one to the left. So, you still counter with sparky barbarians on one side. And if the enemy sends ewiz to stop the sparky, immediately deploy inferno on the bridge. Complete the inferno action with arrows and rage. Here, we can possibly get one tower down because no more electro on inferno dragon.



Very well folks, that’s pretty much it for countering and defending strategy we can use. Play aftershock split counter if you face electro wizard. And if the enemy doesn’t have electro, our supermassive counter will break down any defense line. Once you play with legendary sparky, you deserve victory.

Are you a sparky player? What do you think about this strategy? Please feel free to leave your comment bellow. Hope you find this article useful.

Happy Monday!