In Clash Royale, if you are playing with Graveyard deck, you’ll find it hard to manage the countering. This often occurs for some players who has graveyard, want to play with it. Here, I will give you Graveyard deck combined with Lumberjack. This is it, Graveyard Lumberjack deck !


Hey there, here is JohnnyBoy who ready to help you master Clash Royale strategy. This time, we will play with Graveyard and Lumberjack as 2 winning conditions. But before we go on strategy, I will tell you the secret of playing with Graveyard, and this is for those who haven’t master Graveyard deck. And by the end of the article, I will show you video gameplay to give you better understanding, words are just not enough. 

The key is to use Graveyard in counter push. So, you play a strong defense first and here you need cheap cards for defense. Then, you succeed the defending. Afterwards, you deploy Graveyard when survived defenders enter the bridge. That’s how I play with Graveyard deck, if you have another strategy just let me know.

Alright, let’s see the deck matchups

Graveyard Lumberjack deck


Average elixir cost : 3.6

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As you can see, we will have Valkyrie, which is my favourite card in the game. I prefer her rather than any other troops because she has high HP and dealing with area damage. None could be as strong as her in terms of area dealer.

The key of succeed defending in this Graveyard deck is to always have Valkyrie in defending. By having her, you’ll likely to survive other defenders such as Minions and Goblins. If Minions, Goblins, and Valkyrie, you counter push with Graveyard.

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Next, we also have cheap cards: Minions and Goblins. I use both cards for defense purposes. As I said earlier, we have to minimize elixir spending in order to maximize counter push with Graveyard. Graveyard is expensive guys, so, elixir spending is crucial!


Now, we will talk about Lumberjack. Deploy Lumberjack to strengthen defense if it is necessary. But, if Valkyrie with Minions, Goblins, or Tesla can secure the land, you don’t need to deploy Lumberjack. The best timing for Lumberjack is after you have Graveyard. This often happens in 2x elixir. But, it sometimes can happen in early battle.


Another card that we have is Inferno Dragon. This is very good to counter tanker. I think it is important too because you need a strong defense. Just use Inferno Dragon to kill high HP troops. Having Inferno Dragon can really minimize your elixir spending guys!

tesla card-clash-royale-kingdom

We also have Tesla tower. If you fight against Balloon or Hog Rider in massive counter, Tesla will be so important. The tower will bring the Balloon and Hog Rider to the middle, while so, you can deploy Minions to give more damage on Balloon or Hog Rider.

Tesla tower is the source of distraction that can maximize your defense. Distraction can be so efficient!  


Not forget to mention, we also have Arrows. Remember that you don’t have area dealer for air units. So, I highly recommend you to pick Arrows. Use this spell to kill Princess, Minions Horde, Bats, or Skeleton Army that interrupt your Graveyard.

What to do in early battle?

In early battle, you need to play defensively. And then counter push with Graveyard. Just wait for the enemy to counter you first.

I already explain a bit the defense strategy. The key is to have Valkyrie first. Then, support her with Goblins or Minions. If possible, you make her survive.


This is how you defend, Valkyrie is a must, you’ll have a strong counter push

If she can’t survive, you can deploy Lumberjack on the bridge so he will go countering together with the survived defenders. In this counter push, you can deploy Graveyard.

You can actually counter without having to wait for the enemy. To do that, deploy Valkyrie first behind crown tower. Then, you can go on with Lumberjack. Your elixir will be enough is to deploy Graveyard if your deployment place is correct, Valkyrie behind crown tower.


This starts from Valkyrie behind the crown tower

When you counter push with Graveyard, support it with Arrows, in case the enemy have swarms that interrupt your Graveyard.


This is graveyard Lumberjack!

What to do in late game?

When you enter 2x elixir, you still run the same strategy. Either you prefer to wait for the enemy to counter first, or you open counter with the strategy I have given you above.

The difference in 2x elixir is to add more troops in counter push. After you defend with Valkyrie and cheap cards, you deploy Graveyard.

Then, you can deploy Lumberjack on the bridge. Otherwise, if your cards rotated, deploy more Goblins and Minions. Lastly, support the countering with Arrows.

If you have Graveyard in countering, it can either be the source of damage, or tower distraction. When the enemy tower is locked on the Graveyard, the Inferno Dragon will be the source of damage.

Either Graveyard or Inferno Dragon be the distraction, one of them will destroy tower

Not forget to mention, you need to deploy Inferno Dragon on the bridge as the last card so it can be the last target of the tower or enemy defenders.

Therefore, we have Minions and Goblins in counter push so they can be enemy’s first target. And that’s the reason why you need to have Valkyrie (if possible) in any countering so she can be a damage receiver before the enemy target on your Minions or Goblins.

Have you got it yet?

Card replacement

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-KingdomBats-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Substitute Minions with Bats


Substitute Arrows with Poison


Herewith, I will show you how to play Graveyard Lumberjack in real battle. See how I defend and counter push. And be the witness of crazy skeletons in rage piling up together!


Once again, the key of succeed depends on how strong your defense. And after defend, counter push with Graveyard. In 2x elixir, you can add both Lumberjack here and Inferno Dragon. In early game, just keep your Inferno Dragon mainly for defense.

That’s it from me today, hope you enjoy this article guide. Good luck!