Morning, The Kingdom’s file is here again. And today’s edition is a common card that has no skin at all. Guess what, they are called Skeletons!   


Okay, I am starting my day here listening to The Smiths record and I just feel good right now. Johnny Marr is a genius guitar player mate. It is just a shame that they maybe will never ever getting back together.

Back to the discussion. The Kingdom’s file series is back. For you guys that haven’t known much about the Kingdom’s file, The Kingdom’s file is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

Skeletons Intro

Skeletons are one of the first cards that you get as soon as you entering play the Clash Royale. They can be unlocked at the Arena 2 and their own home (Bone Pit).

They only spend 1 of your elixir that is why they are one of the cheapest cards in the game.


The appearance of them is exactly like what they are called. They are basically the walking bones with any single skin. They are little, make the cute impression rather than a scary impression.

They have this kind of sword that they will use to launch their attack on the enemy’s troops.

The Walking Bones

As a very cheap card in the game, Skeletons will do their best as a distraction card. They can distract every troop in the battle.

The most effective way is to avoid your enemy’s troops reaching your towers. You can use them to distract in the most effective way on your enemy’s tanks.

They could be an efficient way to distract the tank like Mini P.E.K.K.A or the P.E.K.K.A herself as they would be distracted first and concentrate killing them first before keeping marching on to your towers.


Waste the P.E.K.K.A’s time for a second or two 

Not only the ground-based troops, the air troops will be distracted by Skeletons, even they would be very easily dismissed by them. Yet, at least you can save a second or two to avoid them attacking your tower, makes you ready for the next strategy or to have one of your elixirs back.

Skeletons-distract-air troops

Distract the Dragon and the Witch at once

The same goes for a card like X-bow, as it will be distracted to shot the not so important Skeletons first before pointing its shot into the more important thing.

If you are in a cornered position because of the pushing of your enemy’s troops, then to use Skeletons will be effective to waste their time for seconds to make you at least ready for the next card to face the pushing.


Waste the dangerous marching troops’ time for a while if you are cornered

For just only spending an elixir, Skeletons will be very much efficient to roll the decks. For example, if you want to use the more important card but it hasn’t appeared on your decks then to deploy the skeletons would be effective to have the more important card fill the slot.

Although weak in almost every single aspect, Skeletons could be very effective to create the effect in the double elixir time, again to roll the decks. At the last minute, when you want to summon all your card to make a combo attack then they can help your other troops to make the all-in cards full attacking mode.


skeletons-cycle decks

Deploy the skeletons to roll the deck, give the slot to the Witch


For only spending a single elixir, sure Skeletons won’t give you much advantages compare to the other cards. But to balance the deck or to cycle the deck easily then you guys can give them a try to put on your decks.

Of course, they are maybe one of the weakest cards in the game, but for the sake of the distraction effect then they should at least create such impact.

That’s all my opinion of the card, I don’t know maybe you guys have the more interesting or efficient tips in using the card, you can share it down below in the comment section, mate.

I always believe that every player has different approaching in playing the game, so it is always nice to hear yours.

Alright, love you guys, see you next time!