Skeleton Barrel Horde is here. A lot of baits, tragedies, flying units, and victories

Good morning people of the world! How’s your weekend? Hope your weekend was great and so today you’re enabled to start a fresh new week. This is Monday folks, and for some people Monday maybe not that easy. But don’t worry, we have a same dilemma today, me to be honest. Although hard, but I keep on playing clash royale and do my only one thing; to review a new useful article for dearest readers. Alright folks, so today JohnnyBoy’s here again bringing you another inspiring article and I hope that this article can improve you to be a better player.

So, today we are gonna talk about the use of skeleton barrel. I believe most of you have unlocked this new awesome card. And if yes, you should read this article very carefully and go figure. Well, in today’s article, we are gonna combining skeleton barrel and minion horde. There will be a lot of surprises and of course glory. This deck will require us to do some spell baits and skeleton barrel is a new awesome card to run spell bait.

Before we discuss the strategy in depth, better we take a look first at the deck matcuhps

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.3

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As you can see my friends, we have some cards which we can use to run the spell bait in order to run the horde. We all know that minion horde is a strong card yet vulnerable against arrows or fireball. Nah, we will focus on minion horde as the main dealer.

Beside minion horde and skeleton barrel, we also have another great combination, which can strengthen the countering. Lumberjack and balloon, or some people call it lumber-loon, will be an aftershock counter. Run the lumberjack balloon combo and horde skeleton barrel separately. Lumberjack will create a great massacre for the enemy utilizing its death effect. And so, the following supports will be raged and going reckless. 

We can add the skeleton barrel after lumberjack too. And this totally distract and beat one tower down. 


Another popular combo that we will use is miner bats push combo. Having miner and bats in enemy’s lane will force the enemy to launch cards in order to stop the miner. Nah, we will be utilizing this combo to bait the enemy to run counter first. Then, we should go defending and right after we finish, the defending troops will continue counter attack.


miner bats utilizing Lumberjack’s death effect to get the crown

The last important cards we have princess and mirror. Princess functions to cover all incoming troops out of swarmy attack. Besides, this card is one of our bait. In most cases the enemy will shut the princess using arrows. If yes, then we will have big chance to succeed the minion horde attack. Not only that, we still have mirror cards. 


As I told you so many times, playing with mirror will change the whole game. It means that we can utilizing the minion horde for defending (for example). And if the enemy kills horde using arrows, we can deploy another stronger horde group. Those mirrored minions will probably out of arrows death chance because enemy already use it. Bats, minion horde, princess will be good option cards to be mirrored. Now, let’s move on to the countering defending strategy.

What to do in early game?

As I told you earlier that we can push the enemy to counter first by sending miner bats (if we have those ready on the list). Or waiting for enemy attacking first will be better. The point is to play defense first and we count on counter attack.


miner bats to force the enemy deploying defensive cards

If we can make the enemy to counter attack first, we can defend the lane with minion horde. However, we should launch the skeleton barrel first to be a bait. After the we launch the barrel and the enemy shuts it off, the skeletons will pop out and wait for the enemy’s spell. If the enemy arrows or zap those skeletons, send the horde to finish the incoming troops.


horde and pop up skeleton barrel in defending

Here, we will have a big chance to succeed defending with minion horde because the spell is used already. After this, initiate countering with lumberjack balloon will shock the enemy so badly. The thing you need to do is to deploy the lumber first on the bridge. Wait thill the lumber dies. Once he dies, deploy balloon on the bridge while the rage effect still occurs. This counter will force the enemy to deploy defending cards.

Now, we defend with mirror bats princess. Once the enemy deploys defending cards, those cards combo will continue to counter back. This is princess time!

In defending, we really count on princess and minion horde bats. Send the princess first to cover everything from behind. Next, we can send the skeleton barrel to be killed and showing the skeletons. Once the skeletons pop out, these group of bones will distract the incoming troops. While so, the princess keeps on shooting its fire arrows on those incoming troops. Afterwards, we can deploy the first minion horde to deal with countering troops. That will be good if the enemy arrows or zap on bats skeletons, or princess. Because the minion horde’s chance to defend will increase without any more spells.


princess in defending

However, if the enemy still has another spell, that will be okay too because we still have another minion horde from mirror. On the defending lane we have princess, bats, horde, skeleton barrel. One of those cards will force the enemy to deploy any spells on it. And the others survival will shut the incoming troops.

Counter attack with lumber-loon

After we defending with those swarmy, we give enemy an aftershock attack. Wait till elixir reaches 9 bars, then deploy lumberjack on the bridge. This wine man will run quickly approaching the tower and ready to die. Next, we utilize his rage effect for the balloon.


Basically, we just repeat the counter strategy. After lumber-loon, we can counter with horde barrel princess.


princess horde and skeleton barrel

Wait till elixir reaches full bars then deploy skeleton barrel and minion horde. Make sure that the barrel is in front of horde. Next, we send the princess to shoot on the bridge. This will give enemy options, which one to be killed by arrows first.

Another combination we can use is miner horde. You can run this combo anytime and sure this will be another bait strategy. If they arrow on the horde, then we will have free miner connects to the tower.


miner horde in countering


Well, since the skeleton barrel has launched, so many players start to make another strong countering utilizing this card. And if you already have this card, you can try this strategy and see it by yourself how skeleton barrel can exhaust the enemy.

What do you think about this strategy? Please feel free to leave your comments or suggestion in discussion section below. See you again soon in another useful article.

Have fun!