Hello, clash royale fans! Today is a very special day since our team will collaborate to write you a new 2v2 article. Here with me JohnnyBoy and Verdaccio ready to rock your day. For those who look for 2v2 deck strategy, you have come to the right place. In today’s article, we will play with the balloon, skeleton barrel, rocket, and clone cards. Both of deck will have skeleton barrel. One of the deck should have to bring the balloon, and another deck brings the clone and rocket. Without any further intro let’s get to it!



The counter defense strategy is gonna be easy and will require the similar method. Here, we do two counter strategies, deliver the bombs of the balloon (cloned balloon) to the enemy’s tower and have rocket damage to the tower. In one hand, we force the enemy to deploy their defensive cards to shut the balloon skeleton barrel cloned. Right after the balloon and skeleton barrel in cloned, we leash the rocket on the tower along with the enemy’s defense cards. That’s the general picture of our countering with balloon skeleton barrel cloned. There are still more strategies and step to run this combo.

Before we discuss the strategy in depth, let us show you the decks of 2 players

1st Deck


Average elixir cost : 3.1

Play This Deck


2nd Deck


Average elixir cost : 2.9

Play This Deck


Remember, in 2 v 2 battle, the number of the troops in the arena will double. This is why we recommend you to bring rocket and the clone.

Firstly, the rocket will kill all the units on its radar. Despite the fact that the area is not so broad… If you have a right timing and placing, you will have a good result. We provide all the example of the video that we put at the end of the article.


As for the clone, as we said, the number of the forces of both your team and the enemy’s will double. Get picture just yet? With the clone card in one of your deck, you can double the double, you know! Again, we put the fantastic gameplay at the end of the article.


Another required spell is the rage. I personally will complete my teammate clone action with rage. By the presence of rage spell, the balloon and skeleton barrel will fly quicker, and we will have more benefits. First, we will probably have more bomb drops on the tower. Secondly, the enemy will deploy more defensive card because we give them more significant pressure with rage. Those defense cards will be executed at the very position where they stand by the rocket. So, the one who brings rage spell should be ready to leas the rage when the countering cards already cloned and near the tower.


Some More

Other than spells and building targeting cards, we have one defensive building card; inferno tower. As we told you many times, you will have more efficient and effective countering by having one inferno tower standby. That means you don’t need to worry about the immediate counter-attack by the enemy while you counter. One inferno dragon will burn every single incoming troop including heavy tankers, Pekka, building targeting cards. The thing you might have to deploy is the skeleton army.


Skeleton army in combination with the inferno tower will create a high defense circle. That skeleton will distract the incoming troops. Meanwhile, the inferno tower will keep on dealing its burst damage on them.

Still talking about defense, here we have the knight. Both players must have the knight and should include knight on the deck. Knight functions as stopper or holder card which is so vital in defense. No matter what’s coming, we deploy the knight first at the center of the lane. Those incoming troops will be brought to the middle and headed to the knight. At the same time, we can deploy the goblins, bats, ice spirit, or inferno tower to deal with incoming troops.

Knight and the mega minion are the cards that can all the difference in the battle. Both are good at defending and countering. You have to include the knight at least in one of your deck, but we recommend you to have in you both. As for the mega minion, just one of you is enough.

The Mega minion can give such a hard time for the enemy’s side when it comes for you to counter any kind of a card that can deliver an average damage such as, the baby dragon, wizard, musketeer, executioner. The Mega minion can be useful to deal with that card, relevantly.


How’s your strategy to succeed the 2 v 2 deck combination beyond the wildest dreams? If you have any, please complete us with your pieces of advice and ideas. Leave your comments and suggestion below. 2 v 2 balloon, clone, skeleton barrel, what do you think? That might sound unperfect. But this imperfection is perfect. Happy fantastic day and have fun!