Skeleton Barrel is in the House!


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You are with the lovely uncle again and I am here to continue the Kingdom’s file series. For you guys that haven’t known much about the Kingdom’s file,

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

So, for now, the card that we will talk about is one of the cards that released by the game recently. The card that we will discuss right now is called by the Supercell as the Skeleton Barrel!

Skeleton Barrel Intro

Okay, this is the real intro mate. Skeleton Barrel is one of the newest cards that introduced by the Supercell. The card itself can be found and unlocked as soon as you enter the Arena 6 (Builder’s workshop). The card is categorized as a common troop where you will spend 3 elixirs to use it.


skeleton barrel-intro

By taking a look at its appearance, the card is more like the Goblin Barrel but the difference is the barrel here has Skeletons in it. The barrel itself has spikes taped on it, adds more scary feeling and fits into the Skeletons’ spooky images.

More funny thing is, different from Goblin Barrel, this Skeleton Barrel is carried by two balloons. Not balloons like in the game, the balloons are more like the usual balloons that you get from little brothers’ birthday party.

Drop the Bones

Skeleton Barrel itself is a building targeting card, it is operating more like Battle Ram but here it is flying. So, once you deploy the card, then it will fly right to the nearest building or towers of your enemies.

The way Skeleton Barrel launch its abilities is by flying to the nearest building first then once the barrel or the two balloons destroyed then Skeletons inside will jump right into the troops or the building where the barrel destroyed.

skeleton barrel-flying

Flying first

skeleton barrel-dropping skeletons

Drop the bones

Yea right off the air. Exactly like the air forces, you see a lot in the Hollywood movies.

The card would be effective once it can reach the building or achieve your enemy’s tower. Once it reaches your enemy’s tower it can create such damage the same way as the usual skeletons if they reach a tower.

The skeletons themselves have the amount of 8 skeletons make them could create damage quite similar to Skeleton Army once they jump out of the barrel.

The time the Skeleton Barrel reaches a building then the barrel will crush itself and make the Skeletons way to attack the building under them.


skeleton barrel-tesla

Barrel broke, then the skeleton will attack the Tesla

Not only will focus on attacking the building near them, the Skeletons will also attack a troop near them. For example, if the barrel destroyed and there is a troop under it, then the Skeletons will also attack the troop and try to dismiss it.


skeleton barrel-attack-troops-under-it

Attack the troops under it once it breaks

Yet, the same way as the usual Skeletons or Skeleton army, they would also be easily dismissed by arrows attack.

Since Skeleton Barrel is a building targeting card, the card be will an effective way to face the enemy with the spawner strategy with its flying ability to drop the skeletons right onto a building under it.


With spending 3 of your elixirs then, in my opinion, the card can offer some interesting addition to your game playing.

Since the Kingdom’s file is the place where you can discuss everything about a card, then if you guys something in your mind you can share it all here.

Or if you guys have more alternative tips than what mentioned here, you can add it also here. Feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss it all.

Ops, just for your information, we also have further discussion on this new card completed with best deck of Skeleton Barrel written by my friend JohnnyBoy. You can check the deck right away.

And okay, I think it’s enough from me for now. See guys next time. Cheers!