Hi, all our dear Clash Royale geeks all over the world. Back with us the Clash Royale Kingdom crew here and we got the newest information today. 
Today we have figured out that the Seasonal Trophy have been reset. The Seasonal Trophy will be reset to 4000 Trophies from 3000.


The change itself happen for certain reasons, and here’s the reason why.

Last season, all the players with 3000 and more trophies have been reset to 3000 every two weeks and were awarded Legend Trophies for all deducted Trophies. But start from this season which begins today, all the players will be reset to 4000 Trophies at the end of the Season.

The change would make all the players easier to progress to the next arenas one by one and reach the Legendary Arena then win the access to all of the cards. With increasing the Seasonal Trophy into 4000 trophies, the players will be helped to achieve that by reducing the number of players that battling around the 3000 range and will start to fight for their places in the Legendary Arena.  

Previously, climbing from 0 to 1000 Trophies would always grant the winner more Trophies than the loser lost. Then, the threshold will be increased to 2000 Trophies. But after 2000 Trophies, the ratio of the Trophy win or loss will be 1-1.

This is a good news guys, since the combination of these two systems will help us much easier to progress through all of the arenas and of course easier to get access to more cards. Also, once you guys reach the Legendary Arena, you also will be easier to stay longer in there.

Okay, that’s all about the good news. I hope guys will be easier to reach all the Arenas and get all of your favorite cards soon.

Leave all your thought about the reset in the comment section below

Me signing out, cheers!