Hey! me back again to share the latest news for you all the beautiful champions all over the world.


Just in! The official Clash Royale Team have announced the list of ideas that have been ruled out to make it to the game.

Recently the players in the community have given some new idea to the Clash Royale team to wish them to make it and put it on to the game including new cards, new game modes or even new tournaments.

To go into details, here is the list of ideas that have been ruled out by the official team.  Don’t be sad if one of them is your wish list.

Quality of Life Changes

More chest slots – not something we discuss often

Ability to open more than one chest at a time.

Trashing chests

Merging chests

Win rate % on a player’s profile.

New skins for each level of a troop.

Selling cards.

Additional levels past the current max.

Naming your deck.

Ability to use taunts/emotes as reactions in clan chat.

Global chat.

Permanent mute feature.

Permanent Special Challenges in Friendly Battles.

Erase deck slot.

Randomize deck button.

Card Info should show the Next Upgrade Level.

Specialized Trainers

Winning battles with no reward reduces chest timer

Save replays

Clan bookmarking

Gold chest

Clan Related

More frequent card requests

Donate more cards

See who is online

See when people were last online

Clan chat filters

More clan ranks

Battle Related

Surrender button

In the event of a draw, players split the trophies, instead of both getting 0

Game pauses for 5 seconds if a player disconnects

Punishment for leaving 2v2

New Card Types:

Dark Mirror – the team have playtested this a few times and have killed the card concept for the time being

Wall card

Invisibility spell

Wind Spell

Some sort of card that utilizes the river

Create another bridge

Conversion card

Troop that does % Damage of maximum health of the opponent’s card

Ranged splash troops aim at a target’s feet

Executioner/Bowler target the centre of a group

Shields are immune to spells

Elite Barbarian Hut

Mirage spell or disguised troop

Fake Goblin Barrel – The team has played around with this idea (it was called it the “empty barrel” at the time), but didn’t take the card concept further afterwards

3 wizards

Trap cards

New Game Modes:

Wager matches

Traitor card challenge


There is also the list of ideas that not ruled out but aren’t being worked on:


Quality of Life Changes

More TV Royale replays

More TV Royale categories

Rewards upon hitting new Arenas

Weekly & monthly crown chests

Weekly/Monthly quests

Battle confirmation button

Clan Related:

Longer clan mail space and bigger font

More clan statistics

Added ability to send a message when you kick someone

Add how long each clan member has been in the clan

Clans should have levels

Battle Related

Customized trainers

Shuffle starting hand cards

New Card Types:

Troops with a “Spell-Shield” (immune to spell damage)

Troops with “life steal”

Troops that return after dying the first time

Support/Aura Troops

Buildings with shield

Card that blocks spells

Moving buildings

Some sort of air building

Troop that multiplies over time

Earthquake & Haste

Troop that recovers its health over time



New Game Modes:

Upgrade Challenge

Mini arena

Card swap

Casual 1v1

Single player


Ability to remove people from custom tournaments

More price/reward tiers in custom tournaments


But don’t worry there are also some ideas that the team has been talking about or working on it. Well, this is exciting


Quality of Life Changes

Re-skins for King Towers

Seasonal chests – The tech isn’t there at the moment, but might be in the future!

Rewind button in replays – The tech is there, but we need to do a bit more work on it

Trophy level caps – This is a hot topic in the team space and have been talked about it many times (specifically about King levels being a card cap, though, not Arenas)

Clan Related

Ability to Donate Legendary cards

Clan Wars/Tournaments

Battle Related

New emotes

Set starting card – we’re thinking about this for a special mode, but not for the ‘main game’ (ladder, etc.)

King tower ability changes

New Card Types:

Heroes from Clash of Clans

New Game Modes:

In-game card ban challenge


More customization in custom tournaments

Allow the Tournament Host to set which kind of gameplay to play: Draft, Triple Elixir, Casual, etc.

In-game bracket tournament

Join link to tournaments

And that’s all you got for the long list. There are very interesting ideas there anyway. Again, don’t be sad if your wishes don’t make it. At least we know that the team are working on some new and great ideas.

Signing out now, cheers!