Hello my friend! You are here again with me JohnnyBoy. We are getting closer and closer to the Christmas day. Remember that all things, bad and good, which already happened this year, let it be beautiful memories for all of us. Don’t let those bad experience turns you give up. And we all hope next year will be better and all your wishes and dreams would come true. Alright, today is Monday and I bring you another useful article discussing about Royale Giant. Who loves royale giant? Some of players might really depends on this cannon carrier and never wanna leave royale giant.

In today’s royale giant, I will give you another great matchup for supporting it. We will set royale giant as primary of course, and we set the minions and lumberjack to be the support. Here, we support the royale giant with cheap combo. It is because we will have certain cards that we use for defense and expectedly can continue counter attack.

Those troops are wizards. We will include fire wizard and electro wizard to be primary defenders. Besides wizards, we will have 2 building cards; furnace and goblin hut that we set for defense purposes. In another article, I wrote you an article talking about a great combination of royale giant and spear goblins from goblin hut. Nah, we still use that strategy here.

Furnace works similarly with goblin hut. The spirits from furnace will support royale giant from behind. All swarmy, ground and air, will be executed by those spirits.

Alright, before we go any further, let’s take a look at the deck matchups first

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.3

Play This Deck

That’s the deck combination. And the gameplay strategy is very simple. Here’s the key, you always deploy the RG from behind the crown tower. Another thing you should keep in mind, always have furnace for defense. Electro wizard too. Make sure that you always have electro on defense. And since you deploy RG behind the crown tower, the enemy must have an anticipation for it. Deploy electro wizard to counter any troops that try to block our RG. So many functions of electro that we can use to succeed the countering.


Primary Counter

Nah, here we come to the counter strategy. As I explained to you a little bit about the countering, we will always have lumberjack in countering. In addition, we will add minions too as direct dealer. Those minions can seriously cause problem on the tower if we place them after RG.

To run this strategy, you need to deploy RG behind crown tower. Support the countering with electro wizard first. Deploy electro wizard if the enemy sends counter troops on the bridge. Let the electro finish them first. Once your elixir reaches enough to deploy lumberjack, deploy him to help the electro. Electro will probably die and can’t continue counter. That’s okay because we have lumberjack in front royale giant.  


Include minion to join the countering with RG. Despite its cheap elixir cost, minions are fast too. They are protected by the RG, under rage after death effect. At this moment, don’t deploy anymore troops. This can be your first attempt.

Primary Defense

After we counter with lumberjack, minions and RG, we need to build furnace and goblin hut. These are two primary cards that we should have whenever we defending. Wizard and electro wizard should handle the defense supported by goblins from hut together with furnace.

We can send lumberjack as well to support the defense. Lumber has insane fast movement and we can count on him to hit the ground troops quickly. The after-death effect will give rage effect on our defense troops.

So, in the middle of your defense with goblin hut and furnace, you can send either lumberjack, electro, or wizard to be a leader.


Oh, remember that we have arrows that we should leash to support counter. So, once you have RG enters enemy’s lane, be ready for the arrows in case the enemy has horde or other swarms.

Royale Giant Goblins

This is another counter strategy we can play. Once you have goblin hut built on the ground, you can send the royale giant to be the leader of spear goblins. Including lumberjack in this counter will be an excellent idea too.


Long distance shooters

So, after the royale giant, you deploy lumberjack. Once lumberjack dies, RG and spear goblins will hit faster. It seems like so many things we can utilize from lumberjack.


Well, do you agree with me? RG can be a real beast with a good support. Especially if we support him with lumberjack, which has rage after-death effect. This is another recommended Royale Giant Deck and please let me know if I miss something. Otherwise, please feel free to leave your comment and suggestion down below in the comment section.

See you in another useful article. Happy Monday and seize the day!