It’s time to upgrade your royal giant. Royal Giant Best Deck and a lot of strategies is here

Holla everyone! JohnnyBoy’s speaking here. Today is Wednesday which means that there are 2 more days for weekend and that makes me so excited. In today’s article we are gonna talk about something different because I wanna give you 7 strong support cards and one optional primary dealer. So, you can replace the dealer with any troops you prefer. But here, I’m gonna show you the 7 best cards to support one of best dealer in the game; royal giant.

Alright, I’ve been combining the deck with so many matchups cards and it turns out that this deck is the best with royal giant in it. As I said that you can replace the dealer as you wish, but here are the suitable dealers to be protected by 7 cards. PEKKA, elite barbarians, sparky, royal giant and hog rider

However, we won’t talk about each of them one by one; I will pick Royal Giant as an excellent example. Before we talk further, let’s see what we have in the deck.

Deck matchups 


Average elixir cost : 3.6

Play This Deck

The rest of the cards except RG could be replaced with primary dealers I mentioned earlier. Well, as you can see that we will play RG deck covered by splash dealers. There are 2 splash dealers; baby dragon and the witch.

We also have tombstone as a distraction building. Besides its function as a distraction building for defense, the skeletons can support the RG too. Spawning skeletons can be the enemy’s target and complicate the fight because your enemy will be more likely to lose focus on RG.

Talking about the splash dealer area, you should know that you can’t play RG without any splash cover. Due to its weak spot is swarmy, we need to bring the splash area dealer and spells that can deal with area.

As the primary defender, we have inferno dragon. The inferno functions to kill the tankers. In advance battle, you’ll often find enemy which use tanker or high HP troops in the deck. And with inferno dragon, we will have an advantage that we don’t have to launch anymore support to kill the tanker. Solo inferno could be so effective because its burst damage will kill the tanker in couple of seconds.

The point of choosing 7 supoprt cards is to well protected the RG while he shoots the tower.

How to counter?

You should know that we don’t deploy RG plainly on the bridge with only one splash cover. Play the RG after you defend with witch, baby dragon, or inferno dragon.

After defending, deploy RG on the bridge to be in front of witch dragons. Thus, you should make sure, before the witch and dragons enter the bridge, RG should be the leader in front.

Once the RG and supports enter the enemy territory, prepare the arrows or zap. Due to its weak spot, we need to arrows or zap the swarmy. Although we have splash dealers already, it won’t enough. Combating swarmy like minion horde will probably harm the dragons and witch.

Moreover, the enemy will probably launch their swarmy once your witch and RG connect to the tower; they will free hit on our countering troops. To prevent that, whenever we have RG and witch dragons in front we should have arrows or zap ready on the list.

How about the rage? Play the rage once you execute the swarmy. So, the spell orders are important folks.


Royal giant to be enemy’s last target

Some of you might know already when to use RG. We can deploy RG to start the counter by letting him be the enemy’s target first. So, the enemy won’t target our tower, but to the RG.

Just deploy the RG once enemy’s troops enter the bridge. Make sure that we deploy RG when that incoming troop is in our tower range. Here, RG’s HP will be reduced but not so significant because the princess tower will keep shooting on the enemy’s troops. Meanwhile, RG will keep shooting on the enemy’s tower.

Nah, whenever you start countering like this, immediately deploy the baby dragon or witch to finish off the troops. And also, this is the time when you have counter attack. Now, you can deploy the rage spell on the countering troops and to fasten the RG’s shoot.

Still prepare arrows or zap and deploy these two spells to make sure there’re no swarmy near the RG. Once the swarmy’s gone, deploy the rage. With rage effect, the RG will shoot quicker and our support can hit every enemy’s counter faster.


The wizard targets the RG while our tower shoots on him and RG shoots on enemy’s tower

RG to separate the enemy’s tanker and support

Another strategy we can utilize from the RG is deploy him to be the tanker-support gap. Some of you might now already about this. Whenever we defend against tanker followed by supports, we can actually kill the tanker without supports shooting on our defense card.

Once you see the enemy sends giant let’s say, followed by wizard or bomber or witch or anything, prepare the RG. Deploy RG once the tanker connect to the tower and the supports are just enter our territory. Put your RG on the bridge, so enemy’s support will target our RG and our inferno can kill the tanker without getting any hit.

Here, we separate the tanker with supports. We will have benefits here. In one hand, the RG will be the support’s target while he keeps shooting on the tower. On the other hand, we can prevent the enemy’s support to fail the inferno dragon while he is killing the tanker.

You should know this separation strategy to fully maximise RG’s function. After we play the separation strategy, we will have immediate counter attack with dragons, survived RG and witch.


Separate the tanker with support to ease inferno

How to defend?

Playing with RG requires you to play defensively with separation strategy I explained above. Whenever the enemy counter, we deploy the witch first behind crown tower. Then, you should notice first whether enemy send tanker with support or troops without tanker.

If there is no tanker, after we deploy witch, go with the RG on the bridge once the enemy enters our territory. Wait till the elixir reaches 4 bars to launch the inferno. So, we will have burst damage dealer and witch splash cover on RG. Prepare the arrows and zap whenever you go defending like this.

Another defensive strategy is by distraction building; tombstone. If the enemy plays with prince card, we should place the tombstone first before any other. Tombstone is very recommended counter card for prince. Once you build the tombstone, deploy witch near the enemy’s incoming troops. Send one of the dragons to create extra defense if necessary.

Next, launch RG again to distract enemy’s focus. Here’s one thing you should notice, deploy RG when our Tombstone distraction is broken. So, we will continuously distract the enemy. When you have RG after the tombstone, go counter attack again with the same method as previous.


RG holds the enemy while keep shooting; 2 benefits for us

In 2x elixir

There is no different strategy game play between early game and double elixir. Always play the RG since you are defending (like previous method)

The different strategy you can do is to deploy RG on the middle space area once you get 1 tower already. So, there’s no more RG on the bridge. Our countering line will go closer to the front.

The troops from the bridge are just inferno dragon, baby dragon, and witch. At least we have 2 of them. Once our counter cards are about to enter the bridge, deploy RG to be tower target. 2 sides countering like this will strengthen our counter.


In one side, RG tank the dragons and witch while shooting to the tower. On the other hand, we will have baby dragon to deal splash area for swarmy, and also the witch. Inferno dragon will be the secondary dealer which we aim to connect to the tower. With 2 splash covers, we can expect inferno to connect to the tower. Another advantage is to have more shoots by RG.


Alright folks, there you have it, best strategy to play RG in the best 7 support cards. It’s time to upgrade you RG and try this strategy.

Hope you enjoy this article and find this useful. If you have any comments or suggestion please don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

Have fun and see you on the battlefield!