Hey there, you are here with JohnnyBoy. Right now, I’m gonna be giving you some facts about the new Royal Ghost Legendary card along with his strength and weak spot. This would be based on my personal experience in Mirror Challenge. So far, I like Royal Ghost and play him mostly in countering. This is another excellent counter card I think. Alright, let’s see what else he can do.


All About Royal Ghost



Royal Ghost is very unique for so many reasons. First, it can be invisible if he doesn’t hit any troop or building. This one is very good to counter ranger because it will show up all of sudden without getting hit while he heads to that ranger. Then, he will win the one on one with that ranger.

Secondly, no air troops can hit him if he doesn’t hit any troop or building first. So, he will be visible if he meets any troops in short range.


Executioner doesn’t swing his axe on incoming Royal Ghost

Thirdly, this one is very good to be combined with air tanker such as Lava Hound. It is because while he is invisible, the enemy’s defender would hit the Lava and Royal Ghost would hit on the troops that target on Lava Hound.

Put Royal Ghost underneath Lava Hound

The fourth reason is, Royal Ghost is not a tanker that we put in front to receive damage. Instead, he is a good troop to follow tanker. If we put Knight in front of him, he will be a good surprise.

He has small area damage, however, if we face swarmy, I don’t recommend you to deploy him as defender. Better keep him on the list and defend with another card.

Royal Ghost can’t strike air unit. This is unfortunate in my opinion. However, if he meets any air troops, he will be invisible.

If a Royal Ghost meets another Royal Ghost, they won’t notice each other because both are invisible. Eventually, Royal Ghost can’t detect another Royal Ghost.

They both can’t detect each other

Since he is invisible and shock the enemy really hard, I think the best spell to be combined is Clone. So, while we have invisible Royal Ghost, we can put Clone on him, so when he shows up, there would be 2 Royal Ghosts surprisingly hit the enemy’s defenders or tower.

Royal Ghost Weak Spot

Royal Ghost’s most counter card is Witch. The Skeletons will make him visible and so the Witch can deal damage on him.


Witch is a problem


Building card is no.2 counter card for Royal Ghost. Skeletons which come out from tombstone one by one definitely make him visible. Even though we put tanker in front of him, the skeletons will still show his form figure.

Spells can affect his HP. Although invisible, Royal Ghost can’t avoid any destructive spells. That’s fair I think.


Well, what do you think about Royal Ghost? For me, he is worth to be categorized as Legendary card, he is good, and I will make articles discussing about the perfect deck matchups for him. Let me know your opinion and hope you win the Mirror Challenge!

See you on battlefield!