Royal Ghost the Invisible Legend!


Hello, again the lovely people wherever you are! You are just 3 days away from the New Year. Have you made your resolution? Getting a legendary card maybe?

Speaking about a legendary card, today’s series of Kingdom’s file will talk about the brand-new legendary card that will be released soon by the Supercell. And he is just maybe, will be one of the strongest legendary cards ever in the game.

Okay before that, for you guys who haven’t known much about the Kingdom’s file, The Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

Royal Ghost Intro

Yep, his name is Royal Ghost. What does mean by the word “ghost”? You are not wrong, he is exactly a ghost. The first ghost in the Clash Royale game history.


royal ghost clash royale-intro

He has an appearance like a tough grandpa with plenty of battling experiences. Looks like a Jedi Master to me. He also has this crown on his head. Is he a ghost king? Well maybe.

He always carries a sword in his hand that later will be his main weapon in a battle. The Royal Ghost is a legendary card that can be found or unlocked at Arena 10 (Hog Mountain). You will need to spend 3 elixir if you want to see him in a battle (If he is visible, of course).

The Invisible Legend

Like mentioned above, he is a ghost that makes himself invisible in the arena. He will not be even detected as a thread by your enemies while he is in the invisible mode.

That is one of his unique ability, he will fly (wait, fly?) right to your enemy’s territory without being detected as long as he is not attacking anyone.

He will become visible to your enemy’s troops and become physical once he is attacking an enemy or the tower. So, he can’t even be attacked once he is invisible.

This makes he has to attack first until you can start targeting him. Oh, this reminds me of Obito from Naruto.


Invisible while flying, visible while attack 

Like mentioned above, he is not walking but he is sort of flying around the arena. This does not make him an air troop though, he is still can be categorized as a ground troop since he also can’t attack the air troop.

The ability like that makes Royal Ghost is a very effective attacking troop. His ability to pass through everything (Even a bomb of Giant Skeleton won’t give him a scratch), can make him reach the enemy’s tower with zero effort. Not to mention that he also can create high damage on everything he hits.

Pairing him with a tank would be good since Royal Ghost will make a surprise attack on the enemies that attack the tank.

This could work well with a Lava Hound since the enemy will be distracted to attack the Lava Hound while Royal Ghost will launch his attack surprisingly.


Pairing with the air tanker 

He will also do great to pair with destructive cards like Hog Rider since enemy’s troops will focus on him and let the ghost have a clear way to reach the tower and destructing it.

The surprise attack from him can affect all the ground troops since they will not even detect him until he launches his first attack.

Low hitpoints cards like Goblins or the Princess will be vulnerable to his surprise attack out of nowhere. Not mentioning that he has splash damage that will make him a strong card against the swarm armies like Skeleton Army.

While against all the air troops, once he is in the invisible mode then they will ignore each other. The air troops will start to target him, again if he is in the visible mode.

While passing through each other Royal Ghost will ignore the other Royal Ghost, this is funny since they are not detecting each other. This makes they can’t be used to fight one another.


Ignoring each other

This makes the conclusion that if you want to target the Royal Ghost then it is better to distract him first. This could work to use Witch as the counter since the Skeletons out of her will make Royal Ghost visible and available to be attacked by her or the other troops around.

Once he is visible, it will not make him also easy to be dismissed as he also has quite high hitpoints. But cards like mini P.E.K.K.A will defeat him even tough will be wounded much by the visible Royal Ghost.

He could be used as a defending card as he can make surprise attack to dismiss Hog Rider that reaching your tower. But this is not effective since it will make Royal Ghost visible and make him targetable by the enemies.


Help the defence and single-handedly crush everything upfront. A cool grandpa.



Honestly, I think he is one of the best card ever made by the game. Calculating his unique and all the ability he can offer, he is just so much powerful for only spending 3 of your elixir.

I am sure all of you would be happy if you are able to get him. The card itself will be released soon in a week, so I hope one of you could get the card as soon as possible.

Yet again, that is my opinion. So, if you have a different opinion then you can express all of your thoughts here. Kingdom’s file is the place all your thoughts will be heard.

Time for me to take a break, see you guys later. Cheers!