Meet the Long Distance Heroes

Royal Giant is a hard moving cannon. Hi! Come back again with me, JohnnyBoy.


You’ll shock and enlightened after you read this article. I’ve been trying using RG and match it with other cards but they seem not suit the RG.

Then, I go pick the goblin hut to match the RG and you know what, that’s insane bro!

Your RG and the spear gob will throw their bullet and spear from distance.

It such a relieve hearing that we don’t have to bring our tank to face the enemy’s tower in a short range.

Using the RG can bring you bigger chance to get easy win because he is strong and attack at long range.

All we need to do is to protect the RG reaching the bridge and hit the tower. 

Alright, I’m gonna give you the deck which I think the best.

Sure, you can replace any card you might don’t have or don’t like.

Deck Matchups

Average elixir cost : 3.9


Play This Deck


We still need a card who can push forward to the enemy lane although we have a tank; RG.

RG here is not meant to be a 100% tank, but we use its long shooting ability.

Therefore, I think barbarians is suitable with the RG, don’t you think?

Barbarians cost 5 elixir, I know they are expensive enough to be in this deck.

But trust me guys, barbarians won’t let the enemy’s tower harm your RG.

Yeah, I set barbarians to tank the other troops. Sometimes, I put RG and barbarian side by side.

RG might get harm from either enemy’s troops or tower, but your barbarian still can come forward reaching the tower and hit it.

Of course, I put other cards behind barbarians to give more damage.

We can use the knight to tank but I suggest barbarians because knight is slow in hitting the enemy and only one knight,

Meanwhile, barbarians consist of 4 and those 4 barbarians will get higher HP if they are together; and so is the damage.

Barbarians come to save the long distance dealer


We counter from the distance using the fireball.

It deals with area and also can hit the air troops.

Fireball can help the RG attacking from the distance and you can use it for the defense as well.

If you see incoming troops with large number, you can launch fireball on them and they will be gone once the fireball hit the ground.

Or else you can replace arrow with tornado to run fireball tornado combo 


We can use arrows to execute the flying and ground troops.

Most of times, enemy will send minion or horde to hit your RG and if it’s true, you can send arrows to diminish them.

Arrows and fireball ease your RG and freed the RG from those who block it.

Or else you can change arrows with the tornado and be like this

Goblin Hut and Cannon

I also enclose goblin hut because it can provide the RG good companions which together shoot from distance.

That’s not the only reason, I use goblin hut for defense too.

For instance, when the enemy is coming around and you don’t have any tanky card on the list to be the tank for your low HP tower, I deploy the hut.

Put it on the middle so the enemy will be distracted.

It’s okay to lose your hut rather than losing the tower.

Since we don’t play defensive deck, I suggest you to bring cannon.

Despite it’s cheap, cannon has fast hit speed.

So, whenever you face against hog deck, you can launch cannon for distraction and also damage dealer.

Unfortunately, cannon can’t strike the air troops.

But it’s fine, cannon is good and sure it meant to anticipate the ground troops.

build the defense with building cards

Spear Goblins

Although we already have goblin hut, we still have to bring cheaper card.

And the best option is spear goblins to add more army on the battle field.

The spear goblins can be the defender which can deal with both ground and air troops.

Elixir collector (optional)

Enclose elixir collector in the deck to fasten the elixir recharge.

It will bring you elixir profit and so you don’t wait too long to launch your RG to be side by side with other troops.

Most player, including me will destroy the opponent’s elixir collector so they won’t get extra elixir.

Therefore, in the early game you better put the elixir collector at the first launch

Better put it on the middle attach with the crown tower.

Since this card is optional, you can replace it with tornado


If you play this deck, you should put the RG to cover the goblins army and don’t launch RG if the goblin hut is not on the ground.

Barbarians can be a tank for defense and attack.

In attacking, you put barbarians in front of the RG so the RG won’t be hit by the enemy.

Use arrows to counter troops with numbers.

If there are heavy single troop, you better keep the arrow and go with the fireball.

Deploy your cannon once the enemy gets into your lane; don’t let the enemy target our tower.

Send RG in condition like this

Barbarians on the centre saves RG

– Put elixir collector in the reasonable place and the first launch 

– We are not playing defensively, so you better hit the enemy’s incoming heavy troops using fireball or arrows before they get into our tower with full HP.

– This deck is vulnerable against full air deck.

– So, when you face against the air deck, you better push attack first.

– Better don’t replace the barbarians and goblin hut because they are the primary strikers.

– For the rest of the cards you can freely change it.

– You can find other articles about RG deck if you like.

That’s pretty much it guys, we have the attacking guide using the most forceful gigantic tank; royal giant.

I hope you enjoy this article and if you have better ideas or suggestion or anything you wanna say; write it on the comment section below. See you on the next article!