Goodbye Clan Chest! That’s the headline for today. It is official that the Clash Royale team has decided to remove one of their most famous chest from the game.


This is quite a sad news.

The team said that this is announced so it doesn’t take you by a surprise when the update arrives.

Yep, by the next update, the favorite chest will be officially removed. But there is nothing to cry at as they promise all of the rewards that the Clan Chest gives will be pumped into another feature.

There will be the new feature that the team said would allow the rewards to grow bigger. “You will initially see less rewards, but through playing well and actively, you can get a lot more than what the biggest Clan Chest offered”, the team promised.

But before that, the team have to check the current feature first to make sure still good as it should be since they also have to take care at the UI that could be cluttered at some point.

The Clash Royale team also added the reason behind the removal of the long-time fan favorite chest with saying “We think Clan Chests are completed more passively nowadays, compared to them being more of an actual event, as they were initially”.

They further claim that the chest itself has become less cool than before and there is “feature fatigue” happened with the chest.

For me, yea I think it would feel weird to see that there will be no more Clan Chest on top of the Clan page.

Let’s just wait for the new feature to happen, I guess. Rest in peace dear, Clan Chest. It’s been a good ride.

Keep updated on things happened in Clash Royale here in the Clash Royale Kingdom. Me signing out for now, cheers!