Hello! The Kingdom’s crew is back! we got some of the latest news in Clash Royale world today. So, let’s check it out


The moderators of /r/ClashRoyale are happy to bring you The Reddit Blind Deck Challenge! After all the fun in the last Youtuber Challenge, the game decided to see if the community can do any better.

How the Event Will Work

From now until March 23rd you may submit a deck for the chance to see it used in a game challenge

From March 24-27th a new post will be put up including all decks submitted for people to vote for the ones they want to see in the challenge

On March 28th the winning decks will be announced

From April 6-9th the challenge will run in game

Submission Rules

Each deck must be in the form of a top-level comment to this post

Only one entry per person

All submissions must follow the submission format shown here

Username: (Reddit username including /u/ before it)

Deck Name: (must be between 4-20 characters including spaces) be creative this is what will be in the game)

Cards in the deck: Comma separated

Deck guide: (Can be a link to a post or at a minimum a short paragraph here)

In the event of duplicate deck submissions the person who submitted first will move on to the voting

Please help us by reporting submissions that do not follow the rules.

Event Rules & Info

Deck names must be appropriate

This is not the post to vote for decks, how many upvotes a deck gets here won’t matter

Troll decks (e.g. all spells) won’t be removed so if you don’t want to see it in the challenge don’t vote for it!

Avoid plagiarism, submitting a popular deck that others have already made a guide on is fine but for the voting process please make sure all words are your own

The prize of having your deck chosen is having your deck/name chosen and shown in-game to millions of players!

Discussion of the event can be found here

If a deck is entered in the contest you will get a reply with “Done”

Well, it’s time for you guys to see what your deck can do.

Okay, that’s it. Keep updated on things happened in Clash Royale here in the Clash Royale Kingdom. Me signing out for now, cheers!