Get ready for some Rascals kids!


Hello, the Kingdom’s file is back mate! It’s been a long time since last time we discussed a character. And special for today, we would discuss the newest card of Clash Royale.

Yep, who else, the Rascals kids. Are they really rascals? We would figure it out later.

Okay before that, for you guys who haven’t known much about the Kingdom’s file, The Kingdom’s file is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion or tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

Rascals Intro

Their name is Rascals. The game is not kidding, they put a card with a name of Rascal. Are they really that naughty?

Rascals consist of three naughty kids. Two of them look like a twin sister with green hairs while the other one maybe their long-time friend who is big almost as big as a giant.


The twin always chewing a bubble gum and not kidding again, the bubble gum would be their weapon to attack the enemies. On the other hand, their big friend has a sword made of wood as his weapon.

Rascals itself is a rare card that can be found and unlocked at the Arena 9 (Jungle Arena). You will need to spend 5 of your elixir to deploy them on a battlefield.

How to become Rascals

The Rascals kid go into the war by supporting each other.  The big kid would have a role as a tanker in a battle while the twin is behind him to attack.

They can be deployed at the same time. The funny thing is the twin behind the big kid will use a slingshot to shot their bubble gum to the enemy.

The Big Kid protects the twin sister behind him

The big kid’s role as a tanker is effective enough to distract the enemy to attack him first while letting the twin sister shooting that enemy.

Rascals would be great to face a tank card as the enemy’s tank again would face the big kid first and let the twin attack the distracted tank.

As the big kid is a great tanker, then you can use him to tank another damage dealer behind him. Wizard or Magic Archer would be great to stand behind Rascals as the twin would be supportive as the damage dealer.

Rascals with Magic Archer for pushing

The other advantages are the twin sister can also attack the air troops. This makes they are a quite versatile card to face Minions or Bats or even to prevent a Balloon reaching your tower

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The twin sister is effective to prevent Balloon reaching your tower 

They are not a single targeted card, they can operate like a melee troop where the twin could attack one enemy and the big kid could face another one.

But the weakness is the twin sister doesn’t have really good hitpoints where they can be easily dismissed by a card like The Log. A roll of the Log will be very effective to face Rascals even though it won’t kill the big kid right away.

A Bomber who attack them from range also could face the Rascal including the big kid for a positive elixir trade.

To use a swarm army like Skeleton Army could also effective overwhelm the Rascals as the Skeletons could crush them even though the big kid could still survive with just a little amount of hitpoints left.

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Skeleton Army overwhelm the Rascals 


As a card that spent 5 of your elixirs, I think these Rascals kids is a good card to create some push to the enemy’s lane.

They might not be the greatest new card but certainly, they can offer you an alternative way to face the enemies.

The card itself will be released just 3 days from now. So, once you can get them. Well, lucky you.

Okay mate, that’s my opinion. As you are in the Kingdom’s file right now, you can express whatever is in your mind. So, if you guys something in your mind then don’t hold yourself to share it all here.

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This might be my last article for the Clash Royale Kingdom, mate. So again, love you all. Thanks to all of you who have spent your time reading our articles.

Arrivederci! Have a blissful time, kids. Wasted Uncle signing out. Cheers!