Hi, all! The ramp up challenge clash royale is here again!


Feeling good, right? it’s the first day work in the new year here and all I can say is everybody loves you, don’t be sad because you know you also love yourself.

Back to game now, by looking at our main screen today, we noticed that a challenge will be up soon and all of you young champs can pack your bag to test yourself in the challenge.

The challenge is The Ramp Up Challenge.

We have details of the challenge and you can check it out here:

Ramp Up Challenge can be said as may be one of a hectic challenge because you will be given 3 x times change of your elixir. First, start with 1x elixir, the next is 2x and then the last is 3x.

Each of the elixir change will happen after one minute. The first minute is 1x until the last minute becomes 3x elixir.  

So it will be a very pacey fight until the last minute. Sure it would be very exciting as it will push your adrenaline to the very end.

The first entry would be free!


ramp up challenge clash royale

Collect one time rewards as you are progressing in the challenge. The one time reward will be Gold, Rare Cards, and Epic Cards. 

The first one time reward itself will be given to you after 3 wins. And you can’t lose 3 of the battle or you will be knocked out of the ring. 

Oh yeah, complete the Challenge with winning 9 battles.

The official Ramp Up Challenges itself will start from today, Jan 9 up to Jan 11. And it will start just 5 hours from now.

Test your adrenaline and get ready to prepare your decks!

Well, we want to hear your thoughts on this new Ramp Up Challenge or maybe some tips for it, you can share it in the comment section below. Also feel free to share the news with your pals or your clanmate.

Have a nice early January, Cheers!