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What we’re gonna do today is to continue the Kingdom’s file and now we will discuss maybe one of the most fav cards in the game: the rage spell.


The rage spell can be unlocked as soon as you enter the arena 3 (barbarian bowl). But again, if you are lucky enough to get it, mate.

The rage spell is categorized as an epic card since its abilities to help all the troops in the arena will be very useful in a battle.

Its appearance is more like the other spell card in the game, but the difference is the heal spell has that violet colour. If you use it in a battle, then it would create a big violet circle in the place you deploy it.


You could see the Purple Rain

Every troop that enter that violet circle including the building will fasten their speed 35% than the usual speed they have.

Make Them Rage

As what mentioned above, the main ability of the rage spell is to boost the speed all of your troops. I think that is why the spell is called rage but the name suits very well I think.

The ability like that exactly what made the card is a very helpful choice to put in your decks. Imagine all of your troops could speed up to be a lot faster than usual to hit the tower in front of you.

One of the most effective way to use the rage spell, of course, to use it on your tank troops. You can put the rage spell when your tank troops are marching on to the towers of your enemy.

For example here, you can use a P.E.K.K.A OR Golem as your tank to put first in the arena and after they marching on near the bridge you can use the rage spell on them, to fasten their speed reaching the nearest tower.

A faster Golem do you good

Also a faster P.E.K.K.A then it is all alright 

Even if your tanks got obstacles from your enemy’s troops like the skelly armies at least the tank with a rage effect can make a one or two hit on your opponent’s tower and create such damage.

Moreover, remember that the rage spell not only has its effect on a troop only. 

The violet circle that created in the arena could also affect the other troops, so if you put backup troops behind the tank then they will also speed up as long as they are standing on the violet circle.

The other option is to do the rage spell on air troops for example here like on baby dragon and minion horde. if you decide to put the rage spell on baby dragon then its speed also will be much quicker and will be easier to attack the towers.


Not only on the baby dragon, if you put the rage on the minion horde it also could create such a devastating effect since they are already a fast swarm army troops make them just very fast and start to swarm over the towers.


One of the exciting ways to use the rage spell is at the last minute when the double elixir launch. You can be freer to use the huge elixir cost card like witch and the tank of course then wait for 2 more elixir to unleash the rage spell. This would make a destructive effect to your attack and of course to take down the towers.

Witch and the boys just being too rage

Not only with the huge elixir cards, you can use this on the swarm armies like the goblins or skeletons to rage them into the towers. Not also mentioning if you combine this with the mirror or clone that would create troops that are many as well as fast. Imagine that.



The rage spell is a very flexible card since it can affect every single troops you have. There are more strategies that you can apply using this card that depends on your playing characters.

Since the spell only cost 2 elixir then it is not weird that the card is one of the player’s fav in the game or to put on your decks.

Let us hear your opinion about this article or maybe some addition about the strategy on using this card down below in the comment section

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