Superior Mortar

Good morning everyone! Come back again with me JohnnyBoy with a new superior deck. In today’s article, I’m gonna talk about the actual cheap deck, but the combination is harsh enough that the enemy will be in in a difficulty in facing it. I use mortar deck here, but I complete it with miner and bats push. In previous articles, I wrote some articles talking about the recommended mortar deck, but none of them with miner bats push. A mortar deck with miner bats push will be so strong, and we give the enemy option which one they should handle first; the incoming miner bats or the mortar.


We make them in a problem because if they want to finish off our mortar first, then our miner and the bats will have more hits on the tower. In the other hand, if they choose to handle the miner bats first then they have to accept a bad fact that our mortar will stand longer and keep on hurling the stones to the tower. Even though they manage to handle both mortar and miner bats, they will be still in a difficult because we have some more troops which can counter their counter cards. 


Deck combination

Average Elixir Cost : 3.3


Miner and Bats

The first in our list we have miner and bats as primary cards which we use to push counter. A mortar deck with miner and bats push is actually unusual, don’t you think? But they work. We don’t be bothered protecting mortar so hard, but here we steal attack and do push counter using miner and bats combination. I will tell you later about the details of running miner bats in the counter cards below. I think miner and the bats are irreplaceable and so unfortunate if you don’t have miner or bats yet. It is because they both make the combination other troops can’t. We utilize miner reliable HP and speed movement as well as number troops of the bats.


Sure, we should have mortar in the mortar deck (what are you doing if you don’t bring mortar in the mortar deck). Mortar is the primary counter cards which later collaborated with the miner bats push. And this card is irreplaceable guys, sorry to say because once again we play mortar deck here.

Minion horde

To keep on bats position, we have the minion horde. Meaning, if the enemy kills our bats we still have similar cards; minion horde. The main job of this card is to defend because if we play mortar deck we better bring minion horde to protect the mortar from any common card which used to counter the mortar. Minion horde can be used to counter the skeleton army, minion horde, or even high HP troops such as giant, Valkyrie, Knight, witch, etc. That’s why minion horde play the significant role here because it can handle any troops pretty easily; handle the air and ground troops.

We can also use minion horde as the bats’ substitute in case our bats get killed quickly; we can send the minion horde to support the miner. In most cases, the enemy will have arrows, fireball, zap, or any spell cards to counter our bats. Nah, we bring one similar card (minion horde) to continue and be the substitute for the bats because if the enemy only brings one spell cards to handle the air troops, then our minions can impact serious problem on the enemy’s tower.

Mini P.E.K.K.A

I bring mini P.E.K.K.A in the deck to be the tiny tank which can lead the defense. I think mini P.E.K.K.A is enough to handle the enemy. But this card is optional; you can replace it with ewiz or ice wizard to be the game controller for mortar deck. The specific reason why I prefer mini P.E.K.K.A is that it has high HP and high damage that we need. Mini P also functions to be the counter card against the enemy troops with high HP. They will be quickly finished by the mini P.E.K.K.A.


I also bring one damage dealer which I expect to shoot fire from a distance. Princess makes the enemy in a difficult because they should kill the princess and stop the fire arrows. Mostly, the enemy will easily counter it with the log or arrows. And that’s what we want; make the enemy launch their log or arrows so they won’t have the same card to counter our minions or bats which we launch after the princess. Of course, it will be different if they have mirror card.

Goblin Gang and the Log

We have one more spawn cards here to be the defender. Since this card only used to do bait defending, it is replaceable. You can change the position of goblin gang with other spawn cards if you want. Goblin gang used to support the mini Pekka to defend the lane together with the goblin gang as bait. So, if you think you are better with skeletons army or other cards than it’s up to you.

Playing mortar deck meaning we should have the log to counter enemy’s spawns card. Although we have mini Pekka, goblin gang, and minions as defenders, we still need this one to make sure all the ground troops killed before they can reach our mortar or tower. We can also use the log to handle enemy’s princess (if they have one) and to push the enemy away from our tower if they make it to our tower.

Defense Combo Cards

Mortar Goblin Gang

We can play defensive mortar by placing it in the middle of our lane to distract the enemy building target. While they focus on the mortar, we can add protection by sending the goblin gang to finish off the troops.

Mortar Minion Horde

If the enemy plays air troops, we can distract them by putting our mortar on the middle and send our minion horde to handle the air troops.

Every card

We can play all of our cards here to be the defender in case the enemy makes a massive attack. Even we can deploy the princess behind our tower so she will be able to shoot the fire arrows without a hitch

Counter Combo 

Mortar Miner Bats push

We use these three cards to make an ultimate push, and this combination will force the enemy to choose the two options with bad consequences. As I already mentioned earlier that we make the enemy choose which one to handle first, counter our miner bats meaning they should take more and more damage from our mortar, if they choose to counter our mortar then they should take more and more damage from miner and bats. If they seriously choose to handle our mortar first then we will give them the fight they will regret; we use other cards to counter theirs.

So, if we want to run miner bats push the first thing we have to do is to launch mortar first, and send the miner and immediately send the bats. I will explain to you the detail of the strategy in the simple strategy below. With this push counter, we will make serious problem on enemy’s tower.

This is miner bats push


Miner Bats and Princess

We can complete and strengthen our miner bats push with the princess. The princess will add some more damage on the tower by its fire arrows, and so we still won’t lose our push if we lose the miner and the bats because far behind we still have the princess.

Minion horde and Mini p.e.k.k.a

This counter combo only happens if we start up with building the defense with both cards. If we don’t lose our minion, then we can send the mini Pekka to join the horde go forward and attack. However, this combo is hard to run because we should focus on making harsh push counter with miner bats

Mortar princess

We can make a simple counter which also can cause damage on enemy’s tower by relying on both siege building and princess which shoot from a distance. This counter will happen if we still have our mortar alive and the rest of the defenders are dead. Then we can steal attack with the combination of mortar and princess. We can reveal our princess here to make the enemy deploy their log or zap or arrows, so we will more likely succeed the miner bats push counter which we run afterward. But if the enemy has those spell cards and they choose to keep it, we still have the advantage from the princess.


– When we have mortar miner and bats on the list, we can launch the harsh push on the first attempt

– Deploy the mortar first

– Prepare the counter to anticipate the enemy’s counter if they quickly send their troops

– If they let our mortar on and prefer to wait then, we can send the miner bats immediately

– After we do the first push, the enemy will strike back, and we should be ready for it

– We can use mini P.E.K.K.A goblin gang for defense, or if the enemy plays with air troops, we can send the minion horde.

– If we finish defending, we can build the mortar again with the princess. Let them shoot from a distance and we better don’t be too overcommit this time.

– By launching the mortar and princess, the enemy will probably deploy the log

– When they deploy the log already then, we are safe to run the miner bats push

Mortar first, miner and bats, then rage if you like, and victory


Alright, guys, I think that’s it for today’s article. I hope you enjoy the article and find it useful. And if I’m wrong or you have better idea and suggestions, please feel free to leave your comment bellow. See you again soon in the next articles!