Call her the lady on fire, call her the Princess!


Hey yow all my pretty people all over the globe! Hope you all are having the best time of your life right now.

You are with the wasted uncle here this Tuesday and I am here to continue our lovely series named Kingdom’s file.

The Kingdom’s file is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

For this Tuesday of late February, the card that we will talk about is one of the legendary cards in Clash Royale. And the card that we will discuss right now is called the Princess!


A Princess? Yap, you are right she is the princess of the game. I don’t know if she is the lover of the King or not. Oh, I am remembering a Disney movie right now.



The appearance of her is exactly like a princess which is beautiful with big eyes and a little crown on her hair of course.

In the battlefield, she will always carry arrows. But the difference is the arrows are set on fire. Yap mate, she’s on fire.

As you know she is a legendary troop where you will need 3 of your elixir to deploy her in the arena.

Lady on Fire

Like mentioned above, the main power of the princess is to unleash the fire arrows. What is cool is the fire on the arrows is flaming make them pleasing to the eye.

She is a range attack troop so she will do her best to attack from far away. The flaming arrows of her could deal quite high damage on everything that being hit by them.


Unleash the flames

She is best to use behind a tank. So if you put her to create the pushing behind a Knight or a Giant it would be good as the Princess will be protected to keep launching her arrows.

The flaming arrows of her also could be effective to counter the cheap cards like Skeletons or Goblins as long as it is from range.

To use her to defend then it would be effective. You can put her behind your tower to help the tower’s arrows while the tower also can protect her from your enemy’s troops.


princess-behind a tower

Arrowing from behind the tower

The princess has a low hitpoints make her quite vulnerable to the enemy’s attack. A single hit from the Arrow card can dismiss her right away.

Not only the arrow, one of the natural counter to her is to use the Log. The log’s roll would kill her right away. Makes a positive one elixir trade


princess-the log

The lady can’t stand the rolling wood

The flying troops like the Minion Horde or Bats also would be very effective to dismiss her. Special for the Minions as the flaming arrows from the Princess could not dismiss the minions right away.

Anyway, the crew also have reviewed the card once before and have created a princess bait deck where you can read it here on our web.


Princess is a legendary card but for me, she is not really helping much in a battle as she is so easy to be dismissed by troops of your enemy.

That’s my opinion anyway, I guess that she maybe can suits more in your playing character. As the Kingdom’s file is a discussion panel then you are all free to say whatever you want to say here.

If you guys some better tips also then feel free to use the comment section down below to express it all.

As always, coffee time for me now. See you later, have a blissful day.