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You are back with me the unlovely wasted uncle and today I will bring you back to our discussion series, the Kingdom’s file.

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

And for today’s series, the card that we will talk about is maybe one of the most iconic cards in the Clash Royale game and I think he will need no introduction because you guys have already known the card may be better than me.  The card is called Prince!


As you know, the Prince is one of the first cards that you will see as soon as you entering playing the Clash Royale. You can even find and unlock him as soon as you enter the training camp.

He is categorized as an epic troop card where you will need 5 of your elixir to deploy him on a battlefield.


By looking at his appearance I think he is exactly like that handsome and brave prince that we always see in a movie. But in the game, he is pictured like the mature one completed with his moustache.

In the arena, he is driving a horse and have this kind of big spear he uses to attack the enemies in front. He is also armoured in this golden suit.

Charging with the Horse

Like mentioned above, the Prince will use his big spear to crush everything in front of him. He creates a high damage once he hits the enemy. Not only that, he also has high hitpoints where would not be easily dismissed in the arena.

The high damage that he creates can even destroy a tower single-handedly if he is not having obstacles from your enemy’s troops.

One of the unique the Prince has is he can charge to run faster than usual if he steps uninterrupted by a distraction. Once he walks on certain steps then he will do the charge and make him faster to run and quicker to reach his target.


The Prince charging

As the Prince is a true fighter in a battle, then he can deal almost every ground-based troop in the arena. The prince would be effective to use to face the other physical troops like the Knight as he would battle one on one and win the battle. But this would make the Prince also running out his hitpoints and will be easier to kill by the next troop.

The prince would be efficient to use to face the dangerous wizard as he can hit the wizard but again the placement will play a huge role as you have to place the prince near the wizard to hit him as soon as he can.


One on one with the wizard

To use the prince to dismiss the dangerous witch or night witch then it would be effective since he can dismiss them if they are on the same level. But remember the placement would be important to prevent the prince hit by the ranged attack of the witches.

On the other hand, to accompany the Prince with witch itself would create a devastating effect as the prince will keep marching and creating damage while also tanks the witch behind him. The witch herself will cover the prince from the swarm army.

The same way like witch, to partner him with the Valkyrie also will be an effective way since they create a great combo damage and the Valkyrie here will cover the prince from the skeleton army that your enemy would likely deploy.


He can’t stand the bones

To ice wizard is also could deal with the prince if he is let to attack him form ranged where the ice wizard can freeze him for a while and creating great damage on him before the prince reach him.


Froze by the ice wizard and it is bad


As you know, the Prince is one of the most iconic cards in the game and he is still one of the most used cards by the players up to the higher level.

This is just a proof that he offers many advantages to all of the players. Of course, some of you will put him as one of your favs.

That is why, if you guys have a better opinions or tips to use the card in a battle then feel free to share it here in the Kingdom’s file discussion.

You can use the comment section down below to discuss it all mate. It would be lovely to hear what is all in your mind, my friend.

We also have reviewed the card once before and we have more advanced strategy for to use the Prince where you can check it out here

I think that’s all from me for now, will see you next time. Have a cheerful day!