The Prince Lumberloon Deck! That is the deck that we’re gonna discuss today, folks. Lumberloon which is consisted of Lumberjack and Balloon is one of the most effective combos to use for an attacking strategy.


And that’s exactly the thing we would do. But this time we also preserve it with some effective supports. One of them is the mighty Prince.

Okay, let’s just see the deck

Prince Lumberloon deck:

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8


Play This Deck

You can see the lumberloon of Lumberjack and Balloon above as our main attacking weapon. The rest are the support cards but you can see all of them are still dangerous cards.


skeleton army card-clash-royale-armyMinions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomfireball-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomzap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Skeleton Army is a card that can suit every kind of strategy. Their ability to face the enemy’s tank cards is the ability we would always need.

Minion is the other swarm army but they would deal with the air. They are a versatile troop, so to use them in attack or defense they would be effective.

Fireball, as usual, would be the end card. Finish a dying tower or to smash a bunch of troops. This is the card is the one to do the job. Zap then is to clear all the cheap cards of the enemy.

balloon-building targeting card clash royaleLumberjack-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomprince-card-clash-royale-kingdomBaby-Dragon-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

We bring the Baby Dragon to our deck. His splash damage using his fire would be great to create a push later on.

Prince! His charge is the thing we would try to do in the early game. You know how much damage he can create once he hits a target, right?

Then we got the Lumberloon. Lumberjack is the legendary card we have here. He can destroy a tower by himself and once he is dismissed he still left a Rage effect. He is just too strong.

The Rage effect of the dying Lumberjack then would be the thing to help our Balloon card to become faster in reaching the targeted tower.


Early game

Time to give some little threat to the enemies. We would aim for creating a tiny damage in the early minutes while also checking the enemy’s cards.

Wait till your elixir full first then deploy the Prince and Baby Dragon. Yep, deploy both of them at the same time right on the bridge.

To create the first surprise is the thing we try to do. Baby Dragon would cover the Prince from the swarm army while also trying to create damage to enemies.

The other thing is now you can see what cards the enemy uses to response your attack. In this time, you might want to play according to what the enemy’s cards.

Try to control the situation, be calm and make sure all of your towers safe from being destroyed.


First destroying

Last Minute – Sudden Death

And this is the time to do the Lumberloon. The double elixir time certainly would help you much. First of all, you might start with the Prince.

This is just to distract the enemy’s first by attacking the Prince first. After that, time to deploy the Lumberloon.

Deploy Balloon right on the bridge. Let it fly. Not long after that, then deploy the Lumberjack. Let him rush to the targeted tower.

He would be countered of course, but the rage he brings is the thing to help our Balloon in reaching the tower.

On the other hand, you can’t forget also that he deals great amount damage just by using his ax. So just let him do his job.

Once he died then the rage would help the Balloon to finish the job and destroy the targeted tower. You also must not forget that you have a Fireball on your deck.

Smash the enemy’s troops who want to distract our Lumberloon. You can do that or maybe just finish the dying tower.  

Lumberloon and finish it 


This deck is a great alternative to use the Lumberloon combo. So, as long as you can do the job properly then you are the winner of the battle.

Okay, folks, as usual, leave your comment in the comment section below if you have something to say.

TGIF, okay happy weekend everyone, cheers!