Good afternoon everyone! I believe the new year’s vibe still happening as it is third day of the new year. What’s your today’s plan? In certain country there might be snowy right now, but don’t worry, kingdom’s team is ready to warm your day. Today, JohnnyBoy’s back with a new unique article discussing about Prince Clash Royale top deck which consist of Prince and Elite Barbarians as primary counter cards.


I wrote an article talking about a deck consisting of full riders, go check it out if you wondering. However, in today’s article we are gonna talk about something different. The different is we will have 2 riders and 2 sprint runners. We will separate the countering; Hog and Elites Prince.

Nevertheless, Hog Rider won’t counter in solo action. We will enclose Minion Horde to accompany him. I tried this many times and succeed, so I hope you’ll follow my path.

As I said we will separate our countering, but not on double-sided counter. We still play in one line alternately. So, we will have elite aftershock or immediate hog on the bridge. If you’ve been follow our articles, you must be familiar with those term. But if you are new here, don’t worry, I put the link in blue ink that you can click and go to.

Alright, before we talk the discussion in detail, let’s see what we have in the deck

Deck Matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.1

Play This Deck

As you can see that we will have Valkyrie included here. She will take care of defense and be the stopper card. What I mean by stopper card is that a card that function to be a damage receiver temporarily while other support keeps dealing damage on enemy.

We can combine Valkyrie and hog rider and this is relatively popular combo with hog rider. Valkyrie will be in front of the hog, be a tank, and let the hog to focus on tower and give more hits.


Enclose Valkyrie and Hog like this




Tower HP reduced although there is horde

One of best companion for Hog Rider is Minion Horde. I dare to say this is one of great support card for the hog is because I’ve tried it in my hog deck and it’s excellent. Here, we force the enemy to deploy either arrows to kill the horde, or area dealer.

Generally, we counter with 2 cards that can’t be let free. If the enemy choose to handle horde first, then we will have more hits on hog.

Another rider is Prince, the gold Prince. This is a perfect companion for the Elites. We set this counter alternately after hog horde counter.

Prince Elites alternate counter

This is the alternate counter that we have. This is probably stronger than Hog Horde combo, and most noteworthy, we have a Prince with high charge damage. At the same time, we match him with another fast troops. See? This is aftershock counter that we run after countering with Hog and Horde.

Nevertheless, this aftershock counter would be better if we start with defensive Prince first. So, after the Hog Horde counter, the enemy must have something for us to wait. Nah, we defend the lane with Prince along with other support. At this time, try to succeed your Prince by the support cards.

Alright, let’s say that we have survived Prince, continue counter attack with Elite Barbarians behind Prince. Deploy both Barbarians once the Prince enters the bridge. Enclose the Log as well might be helpful.

These 2 cards are so vulnerable against Skeleton Army and Goblin Gang. To prevent the death, we better deploy the Log to join the counter. 

Prince and Elite Barbarians are insanely fast

We play the Log predictively. It means, even the enemy doesn’t deploy army or gang, we still enclose the Log. This will enable Prince to charge the tower. I will show you the short gameplay below. At least the prince successfully charge the tower. 

Predictive Log

Skeleton Army and Fireball

skeleton army card-clash-royale-armyfireball-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

These 2 cards primary function is to defend. Deploy Fireball whenever you see tanker followed by support. You should always have Valkyrie in defense line due to immediate counter attack from the enemy. In defending, deploy Valkyrie first to be enemy’s target. Right after, deploy Fireball or Skeleton Army (if you are up against non-area dealers)  

Use fireball to support the prince might be optional. You can do this but don’t set this as primarily. Fireball to finish off the tower is a must. If you see the tower only remains below 300 HP then fireball it.

It is irritating if you don’t have destructive spells when the tower HP remains very low

Card Replacement

fireball-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomrocket-card-clash-royale-kingdomlightning spell-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Substitute Fireball with Rocket or Lightning


Alright folks, the countering strategy is pretty easy. Just play often with hog rider and horde or Valkyrie. Then, play defense again. Play defense with Prince. After defending with Prince, deploy Elite Barbarians on the bridge to be together with prince. Don’t forget the log.

What do you think about this counter strategy? I hope you enjoy this article and find this helpful. Please feel free to leave your comment suggestion below and let me know what’s your thought.

See you on battlefield!