Get win easily with Prince Battle Ram deck Clash Royale. The combination is considerably popular new meta. This article guide will discuss the strategy to combine both dash damage ability from both Prince Battle Ram. And this deck and gameplay is a perfect solid Prince Battle Ram deck Arena 9 “Jungle Arena”.


Guys, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy who ready to help you master Clash Royale strategy. By the end of this article, I will give you an extra video gameplay to help you understand. Before we go any further, I will give you my opinion why this deck is so strong and considerably new meta Prince Battle Ram deck. 

Why this deck is so strong?

The deck is so strong in my opinion because we will counter with troops that have charge damage ability. To do bridge spam with Prince and Battle Ram won’t be so hard and you don’t need to build counter from behind the crown tower.

We just play regular defending with specific troops that I recommend and then counter push with one of either Prince or Battle Ram.

Another reason is because we deploy the winning condition on the bridge. They are fast, and would be most likely to crash the tower with charge damage. We will put enemy in a hard time by giving them shocking counter, which is nearly inevitable.

Prince Battle Ram Deck


Average elixir cost : 4

Play This Deck

As you can see that we will have Valkyrie included here. She becomes so important for me personally because I would send her as the first defender to stop the ground units. If you pick Valkyrie, you’ll get tons of benefits guys. The first benefits is that she has high HP, so, she can be a damage receiver for the rest of defenders. Secondly, she deals small area damage, and that would be so much handy if we defend against Witch or swarmy. 

valkyrie-card-clash-royale-kingdommusketeer-card-clash-royale-kingdomtesla card-clash-royale-kingdom

Besides Valkyrie, we will have Musketeer to defend the lane. I recommend you to prioritize her as defender, join with the Valkyrie. If we place her on safest spot, she will survive and keeps on shooting on the incoming troops. Musketeer is one of best hybrid troops. So, you don’t need to worry when you fight against air counter.

Tesla tower is the main building, for defense of course. This one can bring the enemy to the middle and while so, our tower and Musketeer will have more hits. The towers will probably safer if we have Tesla tower on the middle.

Not only distraction, the tower deals certain amount of damage too. So, it pretty much helps our defense line in dealing damage with enemy.


We have 2 destructive spells here; Fireball and Zap. Use Zap to support Prince and Battle Ram from Skeleton Army or Bats. Remember, playing with Prince requires you to bring Zap, Arrows, or the Log.

Another destructive spell is Fireball. In most cases, I use this one to harm the tower, cycling it at late game, and for defense. Launch Fireball in Prince or Battle Ram counter would be a clever move. Do this on 2x elixir only because we should prioritize Zap first.


The last card is Witch. She is good in both defending and support Prince or Battle Ram counter. If we have Prince in countering, meaning we should have area dealer. We have Zap already to specifically support area damage for our winning condition. However, that won’t be enough because we still need a living troop which can deal area in case enemy brings more than one swarmy.

Witch summons Skeletons too, and we will utilize her skeletons to be enemy’s target. Those Skeletons would protect the Prince temporarily in his way to the tower. This one is hybrid troop like Musketeer and that means we can have more air protection in defense and counter.

What to do in early battle?

In early battle, we can play bridge spam archetype counter using Prince and Battle Ram. Don’t send both troops at once because that’s too risky. If you go with the Prince, prepare the Zap. And if you decide to go with Battle Ram, you prepare the Zap.

Send each of them in sequence without any backup troop. If we play bridge spam, I don’t recommend you to support the counter troop with another troop. Instead we better support it with Zap.


Solo Battle Ram or Prince is a good open attack

After you deploy Prince and Battle Ram as bridge spam, you go on defending with Witch, Musketeer, Valkyrie, and Tesla. You might only be able to launch 2 defenders because your elixir won’t be enough to launch 4 of them at once.

In defending at early game, Witch or Musketeer is necessary. Pick one of them first, then you can send Valkyrie or Tesla. So, in every defending, you’ll have 1 Musketeer or 1 Witch combined with Tesla or Valkyrie.

After defending with Witch or Musketeer, you can counter push using survived defender. Support the counter push with Zap always. Otherwise, do bridge spam again if your defenders can’t survive.  


After defending with Witch, send Prince to counter push

What to do in late game?

When you enter late game, you can start cycling Fireball. Meanwhile you still run the same counter method like early game. Counter push with survived defender and Prince or Battle Ram, then support the counter with Zap.

I recommend you to defend with Witch as priority defender. It is double elixir and you’ll be able to have Witch on the field because elixir recharge faster. When you have Witch in defend, try to make her survives so you can counter push with her and Prince or Battle Ram. Or else, you can counter with Both Prince and Battle Ram by Zap support

Utilize middle area if you already beat one tower down

Card Replacement

zap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomthe log-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Substitute Zap with the Log

tesla card-clash-royale-kingdominferno-tower-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Substitute Tesla with Inferno Tower


My friends, I’m gonna show you a short video gameplay so you can understand the strategy better and also, to win with this. This deck is so hard and devastating for the enemy. See the gameplay, once you understand the basic strategy, you’ll play this deck quite flexibly like I did in this video. Good luck! 


Well, Countering with Prince and Battle Ram as winning condition is easy and requires you just simple counter defense strategy. I gave you the simplest gameplay to play it, and you should really try this one. Experience bridge spam counter with Prince and Battle Ram, you’ll thank me later.

Let me know your thought about this deck and strategy. I hope you like this article and find it useful.

See you on battlefield!