Under Medicated and Specs

Good evening dear readers! This is JohnnyBoy speaking right now and I’m glad to inform you that I have the best strategy with the heal spell.


Heal is very useful card, yet, so many players don’t use it because the yellow spell is not as useful as zap, rage, poison, and lightning.

Although this spell is uncommon among players, we can still use it as the primary support.

It appears that this rare card category can deal with area healing for 100 healing per second at level one.

You can find this card on Hog Mountain arena 10

At the top level, it deals 256 healing per second.

The duration occurs for 2.5 sec after decreased from 3 sec on the last balance updates.

Radius 3.

And all those advantageous only cost you 3 elixirs.

Nah, that’s a short specification of heal. Now, let’s get into the deck matchups

Deck Matchups

Average elixir cost : 4.0

Play This Deck

Basic Gameplay with Heal

That tittle above really happened to me at my first try for the heal and night witch.

So, I play the night witch, which has low HP, cover up by the sparky and heal.

These cards can work so well in 1v1 battle guys.

The main focus here is on the sparky, of course.

So, we will use the heal to keep sparky healthy (last longer) and still be able to fight the enemy.

Besides sparky and night witch as primary cards, we also have fireball.

Fireball aims to support sparky while countering because a night witch won’t be enough.

Send the fireball to counter anything that counter sparky.

Fireball has a peculiar ability that it deals higher damage if we send it to the crown tower.

That will be so helpful to help us finishing the enemy tower right?

Besides, it also deals small area damage with 2.5 radius.

To be honest guys, I get this deck inspiration from yesterday’s mirror battle challenge.

I got a very strong deck consist of sparky, night witch, and giant skeleton as countering cards.

And the one that makes them so strong is heal.

We have a strong deck already with the sparky and with the heal spell, we can keep them health, strong, even increases the HP.

Remember that we have an optional giant, so you can freely change the giant skeleton with other tanks.

However, I highly suggest you to pick giant skeleton. Why?

It is because the usual problem he has; can’t make it to the enemy tower and blow the afterlife bomb.

While we really need him to at least connect to the tower. Right?

That’s why heal suits him well.

With the fireball and heal, we can keep giant skeleton alive.

Send the fireball whenever the enemy counters the GS with number troops like minion horde, goblin gang, and skeleton army.

Then, put the heal spell on him to increase its HP back to healthy.

Giant skeleton and sparky are a perfect couple also.

Even without heal, the GS and sparky can kill one tower enemy in instant.

Firstly, that is because sparky needs a reliable tank

Secondly, sparky needs something that can explode area damage to get rid of number troops.

Nothing but giant skeleton can fulfil all sparky needs.

Another greatness of this deck is the bats.

The bats come from the night witch and that’s really good because we need air units,

secondly, we need direct damage dealer to handle troops like hog, lumberjack, Valkyrie, inferno cards, etc.

A night witch with the heal is gonna be reckless.

We need her to still alive (by healing) so that she can spawn more and more bats.

The perfect timing to send the night witch is when you have giant skeleton on the ground.

Send night witch behind the giant skeleton.

Since we don’t have any area damage dealer, always prepare fireball.

Once the giant skeleton and night witch coming to the enemy tower, prepare heal.

Keep in mind, this is your first attempt so, better send one spell only; fireball or heal.

Save another spell to complete sparky furnace action.

Oh, if you prefer to combine sparky and giant skeleton then go ahead.

That combination is even greater; it’s so classic.

GS Sparky under the Heal

This combination is a perfection as I already mentioned earlier. Now, the question is when you should use the heal?

Use the heal when your sparky (especially) is head to head against other troops.

Keep the sparky’s health while he fights.

To complete sparky Giant skeletons, you can send the fireball in case the enemy blocks this ultimate.

The sequence of running the spell is fireball first on the enemy troops

Then heal on the sparky.  

The right sequence spell order will succeed you win the head to head battle of sparky.

On one hand, the fireball will reduce the enemy’s HP first before they get sparky thunderbolt.

On the other hand, the heal spell will keep your sparky survive to at least hit the tower.

Night Witch Sparky under the heal

What’s gonna happen if we keep night witch lasts longer? There will be lots of bats on the air.

The heal spell doesn’t aim to keep the bats alive, but to keep the night witch lasts longer.

The flying bats will fly faster than sparky and night witch.

That’s good for distraction guys, the princess tower or the enemy’s ranger will aim to the bats and not the sparky.

While bats distract them, fully charged sparky will shoot its thunderbolt and significantly reduce the enemy’s HP.

When should we send the medication (I mean heal)?

The perfect timing is when the enemy tower aims on the night witch, not the bats.

Once the tower focuses on night witch, she will be medicated for 2.5 secs and spawns more bats.

After night witch died, the tower will focus on the bats.

That’s the time for sparky madness.

If your sparky still has enough HP, it will shoot at least two times.

Two shoots will reduce the tower HP so badly.

Oh, we have furnace that you can use to strengthen the combo.

Put the furnace in parallel with princess tower.

Furnace is a small annoying problem that can complicate the enemy.

Use the furnace while you run giant skeleton sparky or night witch sparky.

Unfortunately, heal doesn’t affect building. So, never heal the furnace.

By having a furnace standing on the ground, the enemy will think twice before they send swarmy to counter the combo.

Support cards is goblin barrel (optional)

We can use solo goblin barrel while the enemy is busy fighting our GS sparky combo or night witch sparky combo.

Another peculiarity of this deck is that we have mirror card.

Use mirror card specially to mirror the spells.

Or else, we can use it to mirror goblin barrel. That’s alright if you wanna go aggressive.

Please don’t mirror the primary cards, they already strong. Besides they are expensive.

Strengthen the primary cards by double up spell support.

Mirror the heal if you need to increase sparky’s HP in order to complete the thunderbolt shoot.

That will be worth it because sparky can reduce half of tower HP.

Mirror card changes the whole game as we can unexpectedly double up the cards that make us stronger.

For defense purposes, you can play defensive sparky.

Another option is to let go the giant skeleton in order to be killed and blow its explosive bomb.


Alright guys, I think that’s for today’s article.

I hope you’ll find this article useful and bring you more and more victory.

If you guys have any comment or brilliant ideas please feel free to leave it on the comment below.

See you again soon! Keep yourself up-to-date with our guides.

God bless!