Hey there, I’m JohnnyBoy come back again for you lovely clashers. We are so close to new year, and that’s mean it is the time to change and improve into better person. Alright, in today’s article, we are gonna talk about Pekka Spell Bait deck with advance strategies. For those who love Pekka and looking for strong and solid deck, this is it, Pekka spell bait deck. 


So, we will combine Pekka with Bandit and Goblins family. There are lots of bridge spam by Goblins and Bandit. Overall, this deck aims to win the battle by making a massive counter with Pekka and Bandit, as winning condition. This deck is what you’ve been looking for and hopefully, this can suit you if you are in higher arena.

Well, before we discuss the strategies in depth, let’s take a look at what we have in the deck matchups.

Pekka Spell Bait Deck


Average elixir cost : 3.5

Play This Deck

As you can see, we have 2 goblin cards; Goblin Gang and Goblin Barrel. These two are the bridge spam troops, which we use to harm the tower a little bit before we go on real counter with Pekka Bandit.


Never underestimate the Gang on bridge spam action

Besides their function as bridge spam, we can utilize the Goblin Gang as defenders too. 6 Goblins would hardly protect the tower from single targeting troops such as Pekka, Prince, Battle Ram, etc. So, if you are defending, you can send them.

And for the Goblin Gang, I mostly use this one when Pekka be enemy’s target. Throw the barrel once it happens, so we would have 3 goblins going reckless on the tower.

Goblins as spell bait

goblin gang-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomgoblin barrel-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Since we have 2 goblin cards, we can play log bait strategy too. But, before we go on that, you should know this, better play the 2 goblin cards in sequence, not together at once. We should bait the enemy to deploy the Log or any other destructive spells.

This is what I mean “Spell Bait”

So, if we have Goblin Barrel behind Pekka, don’t deploy the Gang. We look whether the enemy log them or not. If they spend their Log to diminish Goblin Barrel, we instantly deploy the Goblin Gang, right on the bridge.

It can be said that both goblin cards unnoticeably support Pekka Bandit in countering. By sending each of them in sequence, the enemy should deploy destructive spells. And that’s wasting elixir. So, the enemy’s defense would be most likely lack of defenders.

Poison and Furnace


After goblins, we have Poison and Furnace, which I consider the best spell and building card to support slow troops with high damage. Pekka’s speed movement is very slow, and that might be problem because the enemy can just distract her with swarmy.

To prevent such unexpected thing, I recommend you to deploy Poison while you have Pekka in countering. Poison would burn any ground and air units. And if they are troops with low HP, such as Skeleton Army, Horde, or Goblin Gang, they won’t last more than two seconds.

Especially if we play with Pekka Bandit. Both cards are so strong, but they so vulnerable against swarmy. So, the biggest reason why I pick Poison is because the spell synergizes with Pekka Bandit.

I always support Pekka with Poison by deploying it on tower as well. So, besides we diminish the swarmy, we can have tower damage as well.

Not only Poison, we have a building card that is perfect to support Pekka and Bandit in countering. Similar with Poison, the spirits would burn every defender.


Use the Log and Furnace to support Pekka in countering

Furnace will also help you in defending against enemy’s counter push. They would think twice to deploy Horde or swarmy to support the counter troops.

Zap and the Log

zap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomthe log-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Lastly, we have 2 spells that we can use flexibly to support Pekka Bandit in countering. Or else, we can use them to defend.

So, you better prioritize these two cards for defense and set Poison primarily to support counter.

What to do in early battle?

In early battle, you can build the Furnace first. I recommend you to play safe first and play bridge spam counter. After you have Furnace, send Bandit or Goblin Gang on the bridge.


Send Bandit to on the bridge after you have Furnace

The enemy would shut this bridge spam by deploying their defenders or destructive spells. If they don’t deploy troops defense, you send the Barrel. Here, we force the enemy to launch troops, and so they can counter push with it.

If enemy counters push, we defend with Pekka in expectation to counter push with her. You need to succeed Pekka in defending by supporting her with the Log or Zap.

Pekka will most likely succeed the defense and she will go on countering. You can play the spell bait here with goblins. I recommend you to deploy Goblin Gang behind her, or throw the Barrel once Pekka be enemy’s target.

Use Pekka for defense in order counter push with her

Remember to always send the goblins in sequence and not together in one counter line. Support the countering with Zap, the Log, or Poison.

What to do in late game?

Once you enter 2x elixir, you still run the same method. Still, we support the Pekka Bandit counter with Poison. However, in 2x elixir, we can do more bridge spam. This would be so annoying for the enemy. Right after enemy deploys any counter card, you send the Barrel or Gang to the tower. Run the spam in sequence.

At this moment, the enemy would be so hard because they should spend some elixir to shut the Gang or Barrel. And that would disable them to launch support card counter.

Goblin Gang and Bandit on the bridge are overwhelming

This is quite clever way, in one side, you decrease the enemy’s counter potential by playing continuous spell bait. On the other hand, you can get tower damage if the enemy, at that moment, don’t have destructive spell ready on the list.

Card replacement


Substitute Zap with Arrows or Fireball


This deck and strategy remind you that you always have another way to succeed Pekka Bandit in countering. And this time, we support Pekka Bandit with Goblins as spell bait. I’ve done this strategy many times, and mostly win the battle.

What do you guys think about this deck and strategy? Let me know your opinion by leaving comment down below. Please feel free to ask me anything you might doubt of.

See you again in next article. Have fun!