How’s Sparky after recent nerf? Welcome to Pekka Sparky beat down combo

Hello everyone! Here we again on Monday. We wish your Monday be short, coffee be strong, and everything will be fine. How’s your weekend? Hope those days were great and so you are ready to go through this week marvellously.  Are you ready to rock this beginning of week? Alright, come back again with me JohnnyBoy and I’m gonna be giving you another strong and fantastic deck with PEKKA Sparky in combination. I’ve already wrote you some of sparky’s articles and today’s sparky deck will be a little bit different and of course we will use different strategy too.

Pekka and sparky, both cards are excellent damage dealer and they are pretty expensive too. Therefore, we don’t bring anymore expensive support because our dealers already cost high elixir. On defense line, we have ice wizard as the leading actor. There’s a specific reason why I prefer Ice than fire or electro. It is because we want a cheapest wizard with great ability. Ice wizard is no worse than other brothers, he can give freeze effect for all incoming troops. Although it occurs only for a sec, that will enable our tower to give more hits on those troops due to their slow movement.


complete the ice wizard with bats to fasten the mission

Besides, we include tornado as well which function as defensive spell. We can combine tornado and ice wizard or sparky, or even solo tornado just to push enemy further. One of tactic with sparky tornado in countering the giant skeleton. 


Folks, we have PEKKA here, and we can use pekka for defensive card too. That will be even better because we can have a strong defense with this gigantic lady. Moreover, we can continue counter attack with it if he survives. Playing defensive pekka like this will enable us to deploy sparky next after in countering. There’s no way you can launch pekka and sparky at the same time. No matter what you do, you won’t have enough elixir to do that.

In order to run pekka sparky, choose one of them to defend first, and launch the other one after you finish defending. Then, you have a real countering with PEKKA sparky.

It can be said that we include other support cards just to support one of PEKKA sparky in defending. We can’t let the dealer to die before they counter. Support the dealer excellently and let one of them survive.

Before we talk discussion in further, let see what we have in deck matchups.

Deck mathups


Average elixir cost : 3.4

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have mirror card too. By having mirror card, you’ll be enabled to have any card you want. You can use this card to mirror bats, ice wizard, tornado, zap, or arrows. Those are cheap support cards that we have. And if you need extra defense or extra counter support, deploy those mentioned troops to do what you want.

Pekka and sparky are 2 incredible cards that are so vulnerable against swarmy. Troops like skeleton army, minion horde, bats, or goblin gang will kill those expensive dealers so easily. To prevent that, we should prepare arrows or zap whenever you counter with this. Before you launch pekka or sparky, make sure you have arrows or zap ready on the list.

Remember that we will play one of pekka sparky in defending first. Nevertheless, we still need to support them with these area spells to prevent from getting swarmy attack.

What to do in early battle?

In early battle, we better play defensively first. The key is not to deploy pekka or sparky at first. Wait till the enemy deploying their cards first will be a wise choice.

No matter what comes, deploy ice wizard first. If you don’t have ice wizard ready on the list then you rotate the cards. Throw the bats or zap. Generally speaking, you shall have one wizard in early defending.

Once the ice dies, deploy one of dealer to defend. It can be sparky or pekka depending on incoming troops you face.


Another sparknado in defending

If they launch troops from the bridge like elites or hog, you can deploy Pekka in front of princess tower. Pekka will wait till those fast troops and kill them by two or three swings.

Pekka is a good stopper card because you will have high HP and damage dealer at one body. As I said, defensive pekka or sparky is the root of our countering. So, leash that beast so you will recharge the elixir to be used to deploy another beast.


defensive pekka against elites

Since sparky has been Nerf recently, we will have lower damage but faster thunderbolt recharge. That will be unfortunate because we will no longer have old mighty sparky. However, we will have faster recharge for the thunderbolt. All of sparky player will be so glad because we can have faster shoot form sparky.

Pekka with bats


prepare zap whenever countering with pekka

This one is another push combo we can run. Utilizing pekka as damage receiver for the bats will let us to have one tanker for fastest bats. This will be a great choice option counter if you play defensive pekka and that pekka remains low HP. Don’t launch sparky if you have low HP on pekka because that will completely fail. Instead, we can deploy the bats once pekka enter the bridge and be enemy’s target. Bats will fly so quickly and hit the tower.


After the zap

Remember that we can run this if pekka has below half HP. I played with this combo many times and that’s how it is. We should play patiently in order to prevent negative elixir trade. If you force to counter with below half HP pekka with sparky, the pekka will be quickly executed by troops and tower of enemy’s. And pekka will no longer protect the sparky. Here, we call it sparky failure.

Get 1 tower down

Now, let’s talk about which tower you should destroy and which don’t. In this countering, focus on princess tower first. That will be too risky if you aim straight to crown tower after you get one tower down. That is because we only have 2 expensive dealers and none of them is heavy tanker. They could’ve died in a sec because running of HP.

So, we better initiate countering on another princess tower. Nah, here you’ll have a middle space area on enemy’s territory. You can deploy pekka here in order to distract every defensive troops and let the sparky to be out of target.

Still, play defensively with sparky. Support sparky with ice wizard bats and spells. And last thing is to deploy pekka on the middle space area before sparky enters the bridge.


On the middle space area

Troops and towers will target on Pekka. Here, prepare spells, arrows and zap. You can send the bats in this countering. Bats will go reckless and being handy.


Sparky with bats


as always, prepare zap


Alright, this deck and strategy is Pekka sparky deck in current meta. There are some adjustments we create for your convenience. This is Pekka sparky after recent nerf of sparky. Although sparky is not as strong as it used to be, this adjustment will still make it looks strong.

Have you ever played with this deck? Please correct me if I’m wrong and complete me with your ideas. Or if you have any suggestions please feel free to speak up your mind in comment section down below.

Hope you have am easy Monday. See you on battlefield!