Happy Wednesday everyone! Here with me again JohnnyBoy with a new awesome article. Don’t worry folks, there are 2 days more to weekend and everyone should be happy. Everyday is a good day to be alive and do kindness to everyone. And for tomorrow, I’m sure we can face tomorrow greatly. So, in today’s article, we are gonna talk about another PEKKA madness with PEKKA Night Witch and mirror card in action.

I already wrote some articles talking about PEKKA and night witch. Some of them are categorized as PEKKA madness but as I recall, I’ve never wrote about PEKKA with night witch in action. As you may all know, night witch is a really good support for the heavy troops such as PEKKA, golem, lava, giant, GS. In one hand, to fully maximize night witch performance, we need to put tanker in front of her. We should protect her in front. On the other hand, there’s no better support for PEKKA like night witch; none of her calibre.

Night witch will cover up PEKKA by her bats, while PEKKA will be the damage receiver for bats and the night witch. Before we discuss further, let’s see what we have in the deck first.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.6

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have executioner included. The primary function of the executioner is to cover the night witch and of course PEKKA. I think the executioner is the perfect card to do such job; to cover in rearguard position. Becoming the rearguard leader means that executioner will execute the swarmy in front, above and behind night witch PEKKA. He covers all surrounded the dealers. Playing with PEKKA means that we should be ready from swarmy attack. Nah, executioner is a perfect pick. The ability to double swing his axe can fasten the execution; safe the dealers quickly and efficiently.

Besides, we also have mirror card. Nah, we will mirror the dealers or executioner only, don’t mirror other troops. Playing with mirror card means that we are ready to create madness on the battle field, PEKKA’s everywhere. Nigh witch will be doubled up, and so its bats. More and more bats will party together and ready to eat away the enemy.

Miner might be confusing or let say unusual to be played in PEKKA deck. However, this miner is a part of our secret strategy. We will play the miner to be tower’s target. So, if the enemy holds your PEKKA with their troops, we will have miner. Miner will make free hit or be the tower target and let PEKKA deals with defensive troops.

Although we have executioner and night witch to cover PEKKA, we need more supports. Here, I enclose the log and poison. These spells will help PEKKA in dealing with enemy’s defense. Poison will weaken everything and ease PEKKA. Meanwhile, every ground swarmy will die in a sec by the log.

Alright, now let’s talk about the counter plan.

What to do in early battle?

So, we can begin the countering with miner bats first. Here we read the enemy’s card first. The key of countering with PEKKA is to counter after finishing the defend. So, we better play defensively first. And to start playing defensive, we can send miner or miner bats. That will make the enemy deploys the card and start the countering.


miner bats to force the enemy deploying cards

After the enemy deploys the cards to handle our miner, we prepare the executioner. Remember folks, whenever you play defense, always have executioner first before any other. Executioner is quite tanky and he will hold the enemy while we wait till the elixir enough to deploy night witch.


defensive executioner and the log in early game

So, after the executioner, we will send the night witch to defend and start counter attack. Having night witch on the defense enable us to start counter attack with PEKKA.

After you have night witch and survived executioner, we can deploy PEKKA on the bridge. Always deploy PEKKA on the bridge to shock the enemy. PEKKA is a slow troop and if we deploy PEKKA behind crown tower, that will be bad. Therefore, as I said our countering shall root from defending first. Once you have PEKKA, just wait and if this counter fail, let it be, we still have time.


this is what we should achieve, this countering line up

Another countering yet crazy option is to have just PEKKA executioner and bats. Here we will have lighter counter troops than the previous one. If the enemy zaps the bats don’t worry, we still have mirror for another higher-level bats card.


another countering strategy; lighter

What to do in mid game?

Now we enter the mid game. This time is actually similar like early game, we still play defensive executioner first. However, we should have night witch in defending this time. It is because we are closer to the 2x elixir. Having night witch on defense before 2x elixir means that we already deploy the controller of the game.

2x elixir

Nah, here we will play PEKKA madness. If we already have night witch and executioner in defending, we deploy PEKKA on the bridge to be the damage receiver. Next, mirror the PEKKA. This is PEKKA madness and so we need to have more than one PEKKA.

So, we have 2 PEKKA, 1 executioner, 1 night witch, and a lot of bats. This can totally destroy the crown tower. But the enemy might have distraction plan or good defense strategy. If yes, we deploy the night witch again to spawn more and more bats.


2 PEKKA, 2 night witch, 1 executioner = madness

Remember, we have miner and so we can send the miner in the moment where the enemy play good defense. Having miner on the tower will tear apart enemy’s defense. And so, the PEKKA madness will come closer to the crown tower.


Create the PEKKA madness on 2x elixir when you have an opportunity to recharge elixir faster. Send the miner to bring the PEKKA madness closer to the tower. Executioner and 2 night witches will fasten everything and clear the path for PEKKA.

Alright folks, what do you think about this strategy? Are you a PEKKA player or night witch admirer? Go try this deck and go figure; the new PEKKA madness with night witch (or night witches). I hope you enjoy this article and find this useful.

Have a good day and see you again soon!