She is the one, I mean Pekka is… hi, guys! It’s verdaccio here. Coming to you from the CR Kingdom with some guide to share with you. Today it’s going to be the Pekka guide. It’s not going to be like in-depth analysis, though. It’s more like a discussion. So, here the discussion will be like tips and tricks with the Pekka such as the possibility combo, the counter card, etc. Without any further ado, let’s hit it guys!




We can unlock the Pekka card from the arena 4, The P.E.K.K.A Playhouse.’ Pekka is can only hit one target once at a time. She’s a land melee force which has a high amount of health and can deliver a great damage. The cost to deploy the card is 7 Elixirs, and it’s rather expensive, I know. She is wearing a heavy dark blue Armor with a big sword in his hand.



The Pekka is considered to be the most dominant force in the game. She will always win in 1 vs. 1 situation against any ground troops since she can only attack land forces, the Dragons, Minions and the Flying Machine will attack her safely from the air. Also, because of her high damage but, only to one land unit at a time, she will need a gentle support to assist her, keep those points in mind guys.


Rally to her! To her!!

Most noteworthy, Pekka is really vulnerable against any swarm army, since she can’t attack multiple targets at a time. This is the time where you have to deploy the reinforcement to support her. Well, if the enemy deploys a swarm army such as the Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, Goblin Gang, etc. You can use a spell wiper like Arrows, Fireball, Poison or Zap to overcome the situation. Besides, if the enemy deploys a rather tanky troop as a counter to your Pekka such as Giant Skeleton, Elite Barbs or the Barbarians, you have to put a splash damage force behind your Pekka like Witch, Wizard, Bomber, Executioner, etc. However!


This combo though!

Gradual damage dealer like The Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon can be a real pain for her since she has a slow speed. A good placing of the Ice Spirit will be a great help, though. Still, you can make use of your Zap to reset the gradual damage or even re-target it to another troop. The most important are that you have to boost the Pekka speed to over this situation. A Tornado or Rage can be really helpful. If you see rangers dealing damage to her you use Tornado to pull them closer or use Rage to make her run faster towards the ranger, and a Freeze can be useful too, though. 



Here are some cases which in using the Pekka.


Double Elixir Moment/Sudden Death


When it comes to the double Elixir time or the last minute of the game, those Pekka users will always be on the winning side. Why? The possibility to deploy two Pekkas is high, also since the deck will cycle more quickly, it will give them enough time to use all the support she needs. It is just so hard to beat Pekka users in double Elixir moment, all you can do is hold on tight and use your counter attack chance when you get. Or! Wait for them to make a mistake.


The Barbarians


At a certain level, when Pekka meet the Barbarians, she can kill every one of them in one hit only. So, if you find your enemy use the Barbarians to counter your Pekka just relax and deploy any cheap support since she can take them out along with the tower by herself.


The Guards


Gross! Yup, they are the most annoying troops for Pekka users. They can kill Pekka and put them in advantage Elixirs by 4. The worst part is when we use the Zap or Arrows, it won’t kill them just yet, only broke their shield.


Offensive Deck

Offensive Deck-clash-royale-kingdom

Hahha… I experience this one recently, and I was up against Pekka users. I found him deploy her at the back of the crown tower, what I did? I used my Hog and Bats, and my enemy deploys the skeleton army which I countered with my Log. The point is! Never so stupidly deploying your Pekka first before you know what kind of style your enemy plays. It’s just will leave you with nothing but 3 Elixir in defending.


Fun Fact

Kiter! Yes, we can make Pekka walk back to wherever she is deployed by using the building-targeting card, she will follow them.


Here, you dummy!

Upon deployment, she is cheered by the audience in the arena and booed when killed.

There it is guys! I mean.. That’s all I have for right now… Well, if you have some questions or suggestion or, other things to add, please feel free to fill in the comment column down below. Ok, thanks, guys! Till next time, cheers!