This is it, Pekka Balloon beat down deck! In Clash Royale, Pekka and Balloon is relatively popular combo. Balloon makes the countering line with Pekka deck Clash Royale becomes so hard to defend. Pekka Balloon deck with 4.1 elixir cost makes this deck not so expensive neither cheap. Let’s see Pekka’s moment of triumph!


Pekka and Balloon have one thing in common, they need to be protected by area dealers. And in this deck, we will have 2 area dealers that I consider excellent for protecting Pekka and Balloon. Also, by the end of the article, I will give you a short video gameplay showing how to play the deck correctly and sure you’ll win the battle. 

Great pressure is when we give the enemy 2 winning condition incoming to the tower where both cards should be shut down early before they make serious problem on the tower. That what we will do guys, we will send Pekka and Balloon together in one counter combo at 2x elixir moment.  

If we shock the enemy with this combo, they are forced to choose which one to counter first. In one hand, they should work really hard to distract and shut the Pekka. At the same time, they should manage to separate their focus to shut Balloon. This is gonna be so challenging for the opponent.

Alright, before we discuss further about the strategy in depth, let’s take a look the deck matchups first.

Pekka Balloon Beat Down Deck


Average elixir cost : 4.1

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As you can see, we don’t only have Witch as no.1 area dealer. She is great in protecting each Balloon and Pekka. The skeletons from Witch would distract the distracting troops which aim to Pekka. Furthermore, the tower will target on the skeletons for some hit and that’s will keep Pekka’s healthy although it doesn’t effect her high HP. But it still helps.


In this Pekka Balloon beat down deck, we will also bring Valkyrie. This one is also one of perfect combo of Pekka due to its area damage ability. Valkyrie is very good if we put her in front Pekka. However, the main job of her is to be a defender. If we face any counter, send Valkyrie to be a damage receiver as well as area damage dealer. 

guards card-clash-royale-kingdom

Next, we will have Guards. I highly recommend you to pick three armored skeletons to give extra defend for your tower. Send Guards to hold incoming troops such as Prince card. Or else, you can combine them with Valkyrie in defending.

I often play combination of Valkyrie and Guards to defend the lane. Just send Guards first to hold the enemy, then immediately send Valkyrie to deal great damage. By the presence of Guards, Valkyrie will most likely survived and you can counter push with Balloon afterwards. 

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Speaking of defenders, we still have one more troop that I think affect the defense line quite significant. That is Minions. I often use Minions to deal more damage after Valkyrie sent to the ground. So, Minions can help Valkyrie too so she can survive from defending and you can continue counter push with Balloon or Pekka. 

You can also just send 3 elixir Minions to finish building targeting troops such as Balloon, Hog Rider, or Battle Ram. Moreover, Minions is very effective card to counter Miner or Goblin Barrel. The point is, you can quite flexibly play Minions under any circumstances. 

What to do in early battle?

Although we have 2 winning condition: Pekka and Balloon, we don’t plainly send both troops in one countering line at early game. That’s only wasting elixir. So, in early game, better we separate both winning condition. 

Combine Balloon with Witch or Pekka with Witch can be a great alternative combo to do in early minutes. Play defensive Witch first, and try as hard as possible to make the Witch survive from defense. Then, counter push with either Pekka or Balloon. 


Play defensive Witch, and try to make her survive

In counter push, you can use Poison to make the push harder for the safe of Pekka from swarmy ambush. While Pekka and Balloon are so weak against light cards such as Bats and Skeleton Army, we place Poison on predictable area where the enemy most likely launch the troops. Better if Poison reaches the tower too so you’ll get additional tower damage. 

This is Pekka Witch Poison combo in early battle. Area damage is vital and Zap is good to retarget tower

The point in early battle is to play safe, do regular defense with Valkyrie and Witch, and counter push with only one winning condition. 

What to do in late battle? 

When you enter 2x elixir, it’s time for the deadly combo, Pekka and Balloon. This is beat down guys and it’s nearly unstoppable. To run the combo, you can start from deploying Witch first from behind the crown tower. Then, after your elixir gets enough, deploy Pekka on the bridge. 

In playing Witch defensively, you can send Pekka as to strengthen defense and also this is the root of our deadly combo.


in 2x elixir, play Pekka since defending, then counter push with Balloon

Then, after Pekka and Witch finish defending, send the Balloon on the bridge. 


Survived Pekka in counter push with Balloon and Poison

Or else, you can run Pekka Witch combo with Poison. It actually depends on what your enemy’s cards are. If they play with Skeleton Army or Minion Horde, better play this archetype first rather than playing with Balloon. Then after the Poison burns all swarmy, deploy Balloon on the Bridge. It doesn’t matter if your Pekka still alive or die already, just send Balloon on the bridge after Poison. 

Card replacement 


Substitute Zap with Arrows

guards card-clash-royale-kingdomgoblin gang-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomskeleton army card-clash-royale-army

Substitute Guards with Goblin Gang or Skeleton Army


As I promised, here is the video gameplay showing you how to combine Pekka with Balloon and how to start deadly combo from defense. This video will make you clear and understand that this Pekka Balloon beat down deck is also strong like any other Pekka beat down deck, or is it stronger? Let’s find out! 


Alright folks, what do you think about this deck and strategy? This is another beat down deck with pekka. This might be different than any other Pekka deck because we have deadly air units too, Balloon. We will go non-stop and give them 2 vicious cards which should be countered at the same time. This time we don’t let the enemy to give pressure on us. This is what you wish you have since long time ago. 

I hope you enjoy this article and find it useful. Please feel free to leave your comment or suggestion down below.

Good luck!