PEKKA and 7 support cards – Choose PEKKA to complete the 7 best support cards

Good morning clash royale enthusiasts! This is a very nice sunny day and I’m so excited this morning. This is JohnnyBoy’s speaking and I’m ready to rock you with a very special article. I get so excited because I find 7 best support cards to help you get the victory more and more. I formulate the deck matchups and these 7 cards turn out to be the best support cards. Support the troops such as PEKKA, Royal Giant, elite barbarians, hog, and giant skeleton.

Those troops I mentioned above are the heavy troops; some of them are tankers, the rest of them are primary dealers. However, in this article we will discuss specifically the use of PEKKA with 7 best support cards.

In another article, I already wrote about the use of RG as the dealer for the 7 best support cards. So, we will have PEKKA to be the leader of counter attack after defending.

Play the PEKKA on the bridge after you defend with witch and the dragons. PEKKA will be the leading actor supported by 2 splash area dealers and suitable spells. Before we go further, let’s see what’s in the deck.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.8

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have inferno dragon which is pretty similar with PEKKA. However, we won’t deploy both cards at the same time. PEKKA is primary counter card. Meanwhile the inferno dragon is primary defender.

Whenever you go countering with PEKKA, make sure that we create strong splash cover first. The best way to create splash cover is to play defensively first with the witch and baby dragon.

How to defend?

Whenever you go defending, always deploy witch behind the crown tower. Then, we see what’s enemy troops counter. 

If they send tanker with supports, we leash the inferno dragon to quickly handle the tanker. And the supports, we deploy PEKKA on the bridge to be the supports target. Here, we separate the tanker and the support. So, the inferno will focus on killing the tanker without getting strike by its support. The supports will target the PEKKA on the bridge. By its high HP, PEKKA will survive from supports’ attack.

Nah, here we will continue counter attack with PEKKA in front, inferno and witch. Another defense strategy we can run is to play with building distraction. I really recommend you to pick the tombstone. It is because we can complicate the enemy’s troops by leading them to the tombstone first before tower. While they get distracted, we leash either inferno or witch depending on the enemy’s troops.

If they send the tanker followed by supports, we can leash the inferno first to kill the tanker. And if they send troops like hog goblin gang, wizards, horde, we deploy the witch. Play defensive like this will enable us to have counter attack with PEKKA after defending. 


witch first and PEKKA on the bridge while defending

Counter attack

After you defending with separation strategy of PEKKA, our defending troops will go counter attack now. Whenever you go counter attack like this, prepare the zap and arrows. PEKKA is so vulnerable against swarmy and inferno cards. Although we have witch and inferno dragon, they won’t enough. We still should arrow on the swarmy and play the zap to reset inferno cards.

Once you get rid of the swarmy, you can deploy rage spell if you want. PEKKA deals with very high damage point, and with rage effect, PEKKA will go quicker and we will have more than one hit on the enemy tower. The counter attack will be even stronger if we have inferno dragon first on the defense. If yes, we will have PEKKA, inferno dragon cover by the witch.

This is OP because we have 2 crazy damage dealers at once covered by witch. Try to get rid the swarmy with zap or arrows. Once the enemy’s swarmy killed, PEKKA and the inferno will only focus on the tower or single melee. Single melee won’t be major issue because PEKKA will kill it in a sec. On this state, we will have either PEKKA or inferno connect to the tower. You just have to deploy the right deployment orders. 

Remember this

Notice this, deploy witch behind the tower while you defending, Next, inferno after the witch connect to the enemy’s troops. These orders will enable us to have witch in front of inferno in counter attack. And PEKKA will be in front of them because we deploy it on the bridge and we aim PEKKA to be enemy’s target. The witch will cover both dealers on the middle, not behind.

All of this meant to create anti-distraction inferno. No matter what enemy launches will be head to head first with PEKKA. Swarmy will be executed by witch. And the inferno will target nothing but focusing on the tower. To succeed this counter attack, we should prepare the arrows and zap before rage.



Inferno PEKKA deployment place to prevent building distraction; one of them will connect to the tower

In 2x elixir

Our deadly counter will occur in 2x elixir. After you get one tower, that will be even better because we have empty middle space area. So, we still have to play defensive with the witch and inferno dragon. If the destroyed tower is where we launch defensive witch and inferno, we will be able to run this strategy. Meaning, once the witch and inferno dragon defending, they will continue to counter attack.

Nah, right before you finish the defend, if possible deploy the baby dragon as another splash cover. Once you have at least inferno dragon and one of witch baby dragon, deploy PEKKA on the middle space area. This will increase our chance to succeed the inferno anti-distraction.

Another order

Another excellent order is to defend with witch and PEKKA on the bridge. What I mean by PEKKA on the bridge is to deploy PEKKA after the enemy enters our territory. You should make sure that the enemy enter our territory first than deploy PEKKA on the bridge. Try to succeed this defending with arrows or zap.

If the PEKKA survive, we send the baby dragon once PEKKA and witch enter the enemy territory. Either PEKKA or baby dragon be the target will be okay. But if possible, set the baby dragon to be the target. Our PEKKA won’t have full HP because he already be the enemy’s target on defending.

Now, we will have splash dealer on the middle space. We also have arrows and zap which are always ready to support this counter. Single melee won’t be a big problem because we have PEKKA. Distraction building like inferno, tesla, tombstone also will no longer be major issues. They will aim to the baby dragon first. While our PEKKA and witch are going to destroy it.

After they destroy the building distraction, prepare the spells again. If there are no more swarmy, rage on PEKKA and witch. You’ll see by yourself that this countering is anti-distraction. PEKKA will connect to the tower and at least make 1 or two hits.


PEKKA on the middle space with the witch splash cover


Alright folks, now you know that 7 support cards are the perfect match to support PEKKA and make it PEKKA madness. Are you a PEKKA player? What do you think about this strategy?

Please feel free to leave your comment or suggestion down below. Correct me if I made any mistakes. See you again in another useful article!

See you on the battlefield!