Good day folks! Welcome to the kingdom, I hope you well and ready for some clash today. Verdaccio’s back to share with you who’s come to arena 6 and going closer and closer to the top. Are you ready? Here are some of the things you need to know to pass the 6th arena, easily. The arena is called builder’s workshop since most of the reward cards are crafts and building even the troops can carry a crafted uh… ram or some..thing. 


Anyway, in this arena, you’ll acquire the Mortar, Elixir Collector, Battle Ram, Tornado, Golem, Log, Sparky, and Miner. By now, you’ll have 54 cards in total if you get every one of them.




Mortar is one of the buildings that can be used whether as the defensive or offensive mechanism. If you want to use this one as your attacking style, you can deploy this card just right so, it can free hit your enemy’s tower. Since mortar has really a long range and splash area damage it can kill the enemy’s defensive troops and tower at the same time. 

Well, if you want to play mortar as a defensive role, you have to place it behind or between your crown tower. You need your tower to protect your mortar while the mortar protects your tower from whatever land-troops that got into its radar.

If you face a mortar user as their attacking mechanism you might want to listen to this paragraph. It’s not that hard to deal with this one if you know what to deploy. Just keep in mind never deploy land numbered troop like the skeletons or the goblins. The best way to deal with this card is to deploy air troops but, careful with the mortar’s support which can wipe your troops. Also, you can deploy high damage dealer like p.e.k.k.a to destroy mortar.




Battle Ram



Battle ram is rather a new card. This card contains 2 barbarians with a thing, I mean.. a ram that they carry to attack the enemy’s tower.  The type of this card is similar to the prince and dark prince. It charges and runs towards the first enemy it hits.

If you want to use this card to your battle deck, you might want to use it alongside other cards that can protect the battle ram. You can deploy a tank or a swarm army to deliver the ram into the enemy’s target.

To deal with this card, firstly, you can zap it with the zap to stop the charging. Swarm forces like skeleton army, minion horde or the goblins can be efficient to trade elixir with this card.


golem-card-clash-roayle-kingdom sparky-card-clash-royale-kingdom


Yes! This is a walking rock. A high amount of HP and hard skin… I mean rock. Upon death, the rock becomes the rocks uh… I mean two little rocks. One thing relieves us is it costs 8 elixirs, yes! Thank the old and the new god. 

You can deploy the rock behind your crown tower to give your elixir time to refill first. Then, you can deploy your damage dealer like rangers or any high damage dealer right after the enemy’s tower hitting your giant rock. That’s it! A good nickname giant rock walking, walking rock is gigantic or a gigantic giant walking rock yeah, whatever.

You can use your swam troops such as, the minions, the goblins or the skeletons. You can also use a high damage dealer like mini p.e.k.k.a and a defensive building like inferno tower, it’s effective, too. Just keep in mind that you need to prepare for the support and make your defensive troops ready.


Laser beam




She’s a machine, she’s laser beam. Overkill is always the right term to use for her. She deals with high damage but she is very vulnerable, meaning she loads up the bolts for the next shoot takes a long time. Meanwhile, the enemy will easily hit the sparky. So, whenever you play sparky make sure to build her a solid protection which is out of enemy’s range. She meant to attack from the distance; be smart in positioning your sparky. 

The common cards which can synergy with her are giant, Valkyrie or any kind tanky troops.

Yes, that’s right there are still some of the cards which can synergies really well in arena 6. The kingdom will be back to present it to you. In the meantime, enjoy! Stay tuned, verdaccio, peace out!