Good day everyone! Welcome to the kingdom, we hope you well, and ready for some clash today. We’ve come to arena 5, and we’re going closer and closer to the top. Are you ready? Here are some of the things you need to know for passing it.


The reason the arena called spell valley it’s because most of the reward cards are spells even the troops cast a spell. In this arena, you’ll acquire zap, fire spirits, furnace, wizard, poison, mirror and ice wizard.




These are some of the cards that most players find difficult to deal with.


fire spirits-card-Clash-royale-kingdomwizard-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom poison-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Burning spirits that crush themselves into everything near them. Very useful either use for attacking or defending, this one just works. In attacking and protecting it’s used to kill the support army behind a tank. You may think this one needs nerfing, yeah, well, we agree. In the meantime, you can deal with this one with your troops which has high hp such as, Valkyrie or mini P.E.K.K.A. You can also use splash damage like baby dragon, bomber, and wizard. Arrows can be an option, too.


Gandalf the blue has come to your aid. This hot guy can blow your troops easily. That’s why you are not to deploy skeletons, goblins, minions in his way. This one is a king of the ranged type cards. One splash damage is enough to wipe your entire low-health army. Here’s what to do, you may want to consider bringing your mini P.E.K.K.A or Valkyrie on your deck to kill this one. Since he often deployed behind a tank, you can use the fireball to wound or kill him, too.


This spell often casts on the field that currently in battle or at your tower. It consumes your army’s health little by little. It’s also highly efficient to kill a tank with this spell. You can land this period when the tank is walking down to your tower. With the help of your troops, the enemy’s tank will die in seconds. All you can do when your enemy casts this spell is wait it out to be over. So, you’ll have the advantage because your enemy just wasted elixirs. 


graveyard-card-clash-royale-kingdom ice wizard card-clash-royale-kingdom

A walk among tombstones, this graveyard just represents them. This card gives birth to the skeleton on the field where ever you want usually, closest to your tower. Don’t rush in to deal with this card, and you need a little bit patient because they appear gradually not all at once. You can cast poison spell on the graveyard area, and this is the most effective. Rangers and air troops can also be used to deal with them. 


This hot guy is cold. He casts an ice spell to make your troops crippled, so slow making them an easy prey. Usually, users of this card use it for slowing tank down to free the tower from damage. Yes, this card is often used as a defense tactic. If you encounter ice wizard as your enemy’s defense, you can kill this one with musketeer, mini P.E.K.K.A or the most effective one is with arrows. Arrows can burst the guy’s health dramatically or even kill him.



– Use your best deck (The one you think the best for your play style)

– Internet connection (Of course)

– Get away from panicking (Play with a cool head)

– Spend both Elixir and Gold Wisely

There it is, arena 5. Well, if you have some tips and tricks on your own you can share here with us. Thank you and happy playing guys!