Hey, guys! It’s me verdaccio. Today I’m back with some guide to share with you. I have played Clash Royale for almost 2 years now, and I’m going to share the most famous deck at the beginning year of Clash Royale. Some of the experienced players consider the deck to be boring, but they still admit that it is so effective in fighting any types of players. Well, without any further words, let’s check them out.


Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Play This Deck


This is the deck, guys. At their time, this is the most used deck by any types of players, and when it comes to battle, your skill is quite tested since your enemy has the same deck with you.

Well, what do you think? Yup, the main attacking attempt is only by the Giant. The Baby Dragon & Valkyrie can also be used as the secondary tank, though. However, the real job description for the Baby Dragon is to be a support force for the Giant. And as for the Valkyrie, she is to wipe any swarm army or support army behind a tank. All right, all right, let’s just hear me if you don’t experience all those times.




He is the main actor in this deck. I think he is still considered to be the main actor for those of you who are Giant users. Well, all you have to do whenever you want to deploy him, make sure you have enough elixir to deploy the ranged army to support the Giant. Since he is sluggish but powerful, all your supports need to do is killing any troops the enemy put in the Giant’s way. In this situation though, if you encounter an enemy with swarm army in defending, you can use the Baby Dragon & the Ice Wizard to be the Giant’s main primary support.


Baby Dragon

A sweet baby is ready to burn any armies for you. It’s the only air type with splash damage at the time, I mean.. all the time, I guess, let me know guys. Since the green creature here can deliver a splash damage it can help Giant in clearing his way. Although, the damage is not that high and the attack speed is not that fast, but still, it can be effective in countering any swarm army such as the Goblins, Minions, and Skeletons. Like I just explained up above in the Giant description, you can deploy it alongside the Ice Wizard.


Slow down, baby…


The card is really useful both in defending and countering. Although she can’t do anything about air troops, she can quickly wipe land troops especially swarm typed armies. You’ll find really frequent to see ranged troops since they’ll be almost included in any types of deck. With this card in your game plan, you can get rid of them easily. Her job description is primarily to help you defend your crown. She can protect your tower from any damage dealer except air typed troops, though.



Musketeer is the one you have to have in your deck if you play Giant as your main actor. She’s the best supporting character after the Wizard, but at the period of the time, she’s just more famous than him. She’s a powerful ranger and synergies well with any tank in the game. Always deploy her at the back of your Giant and she’ll have your back in return. She can help kill high damage dealer sent to kill your Giant. As long as you have her safe and sound she’ll deliver the game for you.




Ice Wizard

Hot yet, cool and he is just trying to be charming. He shoots shards and makes everything touched slow. His job description is quite similar to the Baby Dragon. He is to help the Giant’s arrive in enemy’s tower. He is to wipe any swarm army oh yeah, plus one! He is to slow any high damage dealer. While he fires his ice shards the Giant will happily be striking the enemy’s tower down. He can be useful in defense, too slowing Hog, for example, it’s just the card which everyone wants.



Next card is archers. Despite its cheap elixir amount, archers will be very useful support since it deals with average-damage and distance. You wanna pick the cheap but reliable cards to support your Giant and the Archers are a wise choice, that’s the reason why this card is included. Although archers have low HP, if we place them with Giant in front of them, protecting them it will be just effective. In one side archers hit the blocking troops. Meanwhile, the Giant tanks the archers so they can work together until they reach the enemy’s tower. It won’t be as easy as just saying and imagining the strategy. You should try yourself and see how great the boring combo hahha…




At the beginning of this game, you’ll find the first useful spell card in the game which is the Arrows. Not that Arrows guys. The Arrows is not meant to deal with high-end troops especially tanks. It means to deal with troops numbers such as the Skeleton Army, Goblins, Minions. It can instantly execute all of the swarming armies. The enemy sometimes does some blocking on our giant with their numbered troops, don’t be panic because your Arrows will kill all of low HP forces. Number troops always have low HP, except barbarians and if your arrows hit the target, they will be diminished instantly. Having arrows can be so useful for you because you won’t bother with Skeletons Army or Goblins. Just mind your deploying placement, though.



We can rely upon the Zap. Zap is cheap, efficient, and it has the ability we really need, to counter the number troops and reset the gradual damage of those infernos users. You should bait the enemy using Zap. I think that every deck with the Giant should include Zap in case the infernos or swarm army users keep hitting our Giant. We zap either the tower or the troops which hit our giant and re-target them to the other troops. We can do that if we need the Giant to last longer.

All right, guys! That is the old school way in play. Use an elephant to cover the ant behind. Yup, that’s pretty much it. If you have any suggestions or questions let me know guys! Use the comment down below. In the meantime, enjoy and don’t forget to share it with your friends.. See ya!