Holla Wednesday people! This is the third article I write this morning. Wednesday always gets me excited and passionate. I don’t know why perhaps because we are about to enter the weekend (2 days more for weekend). Keep up that fabulous spirit everyone, I hope you always have a good time, spend valuable moment with beloved person. Modern youngsters mostly spend their time in front of technology devices and I think that’s not good folks. We still need to connect with the real people, real world, whole universe. That will be good for all of us if we can keep it balance; our idealism of being in love with devices with the real world. You can always be something, be pro, be nice people towards others being.

Alright, I’m JohnnyBoy here bringing you another fantastic article which can suit this fantastic day. Today, we are gonna talk about the Deck of Bandit and Golem. These two cards are the slowest (golem) and the fastest (bandit) cards on the game. I’ve found a strategy of combining them and let the bandit being untouchable.

The golem will be the tanker for the beautiful villain here. So, whenever the enemy targets on the golem, bandit will be free as a bird, free dash everywhere. What we will achieve here is to have a lot of dash by bandit. One dash can reduce the tower HP pretty badly. Two or three free dash will become bonus for us.

Very well, before we discuss further, shall we take a look at the deck matchups first.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.1

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have mega knight included too. However, we won’t play mega knight in one line together with golem and bandit. We will play the mega separately. Due to elixir spending, we won’t have a great matchup if we enclose mega knight. I mean you won’t have extra countering because one of the vital cards won’t be there.

In the countering line, we will have golem, bandit, and executioner. This is the strong countering matchup that I mean. So, if we enclose mega knight in this countering, we won’t have enough elixir to deploy executioner. Meanwhile, executioner is vital. We need him to execute the swarmy which is one of the great counter card for golem and bandit. So, this man will be in rearguard position and ready to swing his axe towards any number troops.

Besides, we will have electro wizard as our primary counter card. Electro and mega knight will stand for our defense. The defense will be so strong because the mega knight will be the enemy’s target while the electro keeps on dealing with those countering troops. Other than dealing damage, he also delivers stun effect that can mute the enemy in every footstep. So, this stun effect will let our tower to hit more and more on them. Not forget to mention that the executioner is also defensive card. So, he plays double roles agent here.

It seems like we also have tornado and the log to add extra secure. Send the tornado to gather the enemy in a whirlwind and let the executioner executes them in once. Deploy the log to diminish tiny walking troops. Use ice spirit to give freeze effect might be a good choice too. None can step closer to our tower.

Alright, this discussion becomes more and more interesting. Let’s talk about countering strategy.

What to do in early game?

In the early minute, we better play defensively and counter attack after defending. However, if the enemy doesn’t open attack, we can send the executioner or sneaky ice spirit. Hopefully this will make the enemy starts countering. Once you have one executioner on the battlefield, the enemy won’t let it making free hit more and more, they must send some troops.

Nah, here we play defensively with electro, tornado or the log. Electro is no worse compared with the executioner in defending. Especially if we send the tornado on those incoming troops. While they are pushed away, the electro will keep slow the down by giving its stun. This is the time when electro works together with tower fabulously. Nothing can touch the tower.


Dr. Stun will handle those countering troops

Actually, mega knight is a good pick for defensive cards too. He can be a great damage receiver while the electro deals on those troops. Moreover, if he can survive in defending, he can continue to counter attack.

If you see ground swarmy, just roll the log and they won’t be anymore problem. Next thing we can do with the log is to handle the goblin barrel. This is your first attempt. Now let’s move on to the mid game. 

What to do in mid game?

It’s golem time! After you defend on the first move above, you can deploy golem and start the real vicious counter. The thing we should do is to deploy the golem behind crown tower.

Wait till your elixir reaches 5 bars, then deploy the executioner behind golem. We shouldn’t wait too long in deploying the executioner because we still have to deploy bandit on the bridge. So, after the executioner, send bandit on the bridge right after the golem be the enemy’s target.


Send the villain after the enemy targets on golem

Prepare the spells this time in case we need it to push away the interrupters. And the executioner will be ready to gently swing his axe to everything on the whirlwind.

At this moment, you’ll see that bandit will be so untouchable. Golem covers her in front and the executioner keeps her out of swarmy distraction. You’ll probably get one tower down by doing this.

Furthermore, if the golem seems to have high HP, send the electro wizard behind all these countering troops. Now, you can make sure to get 3 crowns.


Golem bandit executioner and electro is a perfect countering line up


Alright folks, there you have it; the strategy of golem and bandit. Now, no more troops stand near to bandit. Everything will be executed by the man of authority. This is the time for you to fully maximize bandit’s performance. Be glorious and victorious is now.

If you guys have any comment or suggestion please kindly leave your brilliant ideas in comment section below. See you again soon in another fabulous article.

Have fun!