Hello to all of you champs! Don’t be sad it’s a beautiful day. Rise up your mood as we have good news for you all. 
Back here with your not so favourite uncle and today, a new challenge is arriving and it is exciting you will have a chance to win the new legendary Night Witch card.


The new challenge will be called The Night Witch Draft Challenge! The Night Witch Draft Challenge is coming on May 26th until 29thFor you who are still unfamiliar with the challenge, here things you need to know :

Your first entry to the challenge would be freeIn the battle soon, in each battlefield, you will get to choose two cards.

– You will have to choose one for you and the other one for your opponent.

– One of you will choose if you will play with the Night Witch or against it.

– Get one-time rewards as you progress


article-pic-2-night witch-draft-challenge

– You’ll get the first one-time reward if you are able to win two matches.

– The one-time rewards contain chest, gold and the Night Witch

– If you get the one-time rewards, it will be marked and you can unlock the 

   Night Witch at 12 wins

– If unlocked, the card will appear in every chest before the release date, May 31


article-pic-night witch-draft-challenge

Prepare yourself!

Oh and don’t forget if you pals have something to say about this challenge make sure to say everything in the comment section below.

I’m signing out here, Cheers!