Kingdom’s file is back! Today’s edition is maybe your favourite card called the Night Witch legendary card!  


So, hey again all the lovely people wherever you are. I hope God always light your way with all his blessings. You are having a great time now, right?

For you guys who haven’t known much about the Kingdom’s file, The Kingdom’s file is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.


As you know, Night Witch is one of the legendary cards where you can find and unlock as soon as you reach the Arena 8 (Frozen Peak). She will need 4 of your elixir if you want to deploy her on a battlefield.


night witch legendary card-intro

The appearance of Night Witch anyway is quite the same as her sister, Witch (maybe they are siblings) with the hoody covering her hair. But different from her sister that has those pink eyes, Night Witch has the shining blue eyes. Beautiful, isn’t it?

While the usual Witch will summon Skeletons out of her, Night Witch will summon Bats that will be ready to bite all the troops up front.

Summon the Bats

Also, different from Witch who can shot the lights from range, Night Witch can’t do so. Aside from her Bats, she is a close combat troop since she will use her axe to smash the enemy’s troops.

The hit from her axe can’t be avoided since it creates a high damage to every troop that got hit by the axe. Even it is bigger than what Mega Knight can create.

Therefore, you can imagine what she can do once she reaches enemy’s tower. The Bats that summoned by her themselves are like what you know, can tear apart the troops up front, as swarm army of the air.

Night Witch will be great if she is deployed behind a tank since they can cover each other. This works for the combination of the Night Witch and Golem. The rocky Golem will cover her behind him, while the Bats of her can prevent Golem’s death from the Skeleton Army, that most likely deployed by your enemy.

Even it can guarantee you a tower down by combining them with Clone to clone the Golem as soon as he reaches the tower. You can read more details of this strategy by clicking the blue sentence above.


The Golem Night Witch + Clone could guarantee you a tower down

Another good effective way to use Night Witch is to make a combo with Lava Hound that creates the legendary cards combo. This could work great as two of them can create a good pushing with lava hound as the tanker and Night Witch will be the primary striker.

Not mentioning that once both of them die, they still can summon Bats and Lava Pups. Makes them cards that will be not easily dismissed as a whole.


night witch legendary card-lava hound

The legendary cards combo

To use Night Witch as defending troop will be sufficient, as the Bats will help you to defend the tower while she can also do the close combat. She is not so strong to do the close combat the whole time anyway, so it is better to accompany her with cards like Knight or Valkyrie to create a good defence.

You have to remember aside from her Bats, Night Witch can’t target the air. Again, different from her sister. This makes her vulnerable to Minion Horde or Baby Dragon since they can also crush her Bats easily.


Baby Dragon kills her with ease

To use Poison to counter her also would be effective, as the bats that she summons will be easily dismissed by the effect of the Poison while also weaken Night Witch herself.


As a legendary card, of course, Night Witch can offer you a lot of abilities. The card itself is still one of the favourites among the players especially in the higher level so that’s a proof of how useful she is.

Well again, those are my opinions. You are in the Kingdom’s file here and it is a discussion panel. So, you are all free to express your opinions here.

If you agree or disagree then feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss it all. It would be great to hear what is in your mind, mate.

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