Holla! Happy Thursday to all of you, I hope you have a great day because every day could be another chance for us to be a better person. This is cloudy here, and I’m reviewing articles and play CR as usual. In today’s article, we are gonna talk about the use of witch and the night witch in one strong deck.


Some of you might not like the night witch, so do I. I mean like it but not that much because I think she is only good at defending. While countering, we need to cover her in so complicated way. It is because this one is a melee and she spawns bats which fly quickly. Fine, I consider her as a bats deliverer and bats are good to support counter.

Alright, we will play double witches in one deck and set the regular witch as counter card. Meanwhile, the night witch is the primary defender. Of course, we don’t counter with naked witch. We need some cover and strategies to bring the crowns home. Before we discuss further, let’s see what we have in the deck.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.5

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have one tanker; giant. So, in the countering we will have giant as a tank for the witch and wizard. This could be a classic combo of giant witchcraft, and by the spells support, we can win this deck.

Alright, whenever you go countering, go with the wizard first behind the crown tower. We can wait elixir recharge while the giant walks so slowly. After the elixir reaches 5, deploy witch right in front your princess tower. Let the witch spawn some skeletons to be the enemy’s target before giant. No matter what, once they both reach the bridge, deploy wizard side by side with the witch.

Here, we will have 2 strong splash covers. This combo is so traditional but we really can’t underestimate its strength. Both wizard and witch will cover the giant and giant also protecting both dealer from enemy’s target. At this state, we don’t play the night witch yet. We keep the night witch to be the primary defender.


classic combo as primary counter strategy

About the spells

Folks, you have 3 spells in the deck, and we can use lightning to specifically support this counter. Whenever the enemy block your giant with their best defense card, wait till they launch more than one troops. Seriously, the enemy won’t just send one troops to handle this traditional combo. Because if they only hold this combo with one defense only, they will lose the tower. Nah, after the enemy deploy more than one troops on the ground, whether they are ground or air units, we deploy the lightning.

The lightning can bring us super benefits. First, we can free the giant wizard witch out of enemy’s damage. Secondly, we deploy lightning on the tower territory too so we have tower damage too. Lastly, we will let the giant witch and wizard to continuously strike the tower. You can actually deploy the fireball instead of lightning, but fireball won’t impact much.


lightning for tower damage, wizard’s death, and tombstone’s broke

Deploy fireball specifically to defend from elite barbarians, three musketeers, wizards, witch. And the zap of course to counter swarmy. Besides its function executing swarmy, we can play the zap to reset inferno card burst damage. We have a giant here, and giant will be nothing for inferno cards. In case the enemy has inferno cards, it is important for us to always ready the zap.

Night witch inferno tower

Here we come to the part where the night witch could be very useful. Some might say that night witch is a very excellent card for defense due to its bats spawning. I agree with that folks, those bats can really distract the enemy either they are ground or air units.

She is a perfect defense card to counter ground units especially melee. It is because they should come to the night witch first. Meanwhile, the bats will hit the incoming troops quickly and never let those troops touch the witch. Whenever you go defending, build the inferno tower on the middle of your lane first. Than immediately send the night witch beside princess tower.


Defensive night witch fight elites

Deployment place won’t be issue as long as you don’t deploy night witch too close to the enemy. Both card will get rid of anything. Inferno will quickly kill the tanker (if there’s any) and the bats will distract and sure bite the troops. Keep in mind that we can always use the spells to strengthen defense. However, if the counter is not too massive, don’t deploy the lightning. Lightning’s primary function is to support the countering, to smash the enemy’s tower.


perfect defending circle. Don’t deploy N.Witch too close with the Elites. Add fireball


Alright folks, what do you think about this strategy? Are you a night witch player? Correct me if I’m wrong or missing something. This is traditional or classic combo with wizard witch behind giant, but there’s one new card. Night witch really complete them all and strengthen everything. Well, see you again soon in another useful article. Have a nice day everyone! See you on the battlefield!