Hello, my friends all over the world! you are with the wasted uncle here and what I’m gonna tell is new updates are coming up! So before the update arrives and maybe come tomorrow, here we got some sneak peek of them. Make sure you check it out.


New Game Mode: Clan Battle!

The new game mode clan battle makes you battle side by side with a Clanmate against another two challengers from another clan. The Clan Battle itself will be arriving on Mar 24.

Four New Cards

There will be four new cards mate! And one of them is a new legendary card named Bandit! Bandit will be available on Mar 24. Also following the release of Bandit there will be a special Bandit Draft Challenge that prize you the Bandit card if you could be the winner.

The challenge will take time on Mar 17. There are three more also and their name is Night Witch, Bats and Heal! Don’t worry we’ll give you sneak peek of each of the cards. 

New Arena

There will be arena 11 (legendary arena) that will be unlocked once you’ve won 3800 Trophies. Another arena is arena 10: Hog Mountain that renamed after a legendary arena). The legendary Cards will still appear in your shop at 3000 Trophies. Don’t worry!


You can make your entry to the first league if are able to collect 4000 Trophies and climb through 9 leagues to enter the Ultimate Champion League. Also, collect monthly season reward based on the highest you are in.

The rewards are:

New chest: Draft Chest offers multiple card options. The Draft Chest will only available at the end of the league season.

Go check them as soon as possible to prepare your strategy. Ops, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts on this new upcoming update in the comment section down below.

The Uncle is signing out for now, see you around, Cheers!