Its eleven days until Christmas and everyone seems so happy.


Am I right? I just think that was a good introduction sentence to open this news. It was good, wasn’t it? Yea don’t lie to me

While you are waiting your prizes for the Christmas, here we have the next update sneak peek that you must check right away!

New Arena

The new Clash Royale update will contain a new arena! Yaa a new arena!

The new arena is called The Jungle Arena”!

you can reach the Jungle Arena if you are able to get 2600 trophies.

New Cards

Not only a new arena, the next update will also introduce 4 new cards that you all can afford onto your decks.

From what we see from their appearance, we guess they have certain unique in their power.

There is some sneak peeks also that 2 of them are family of goblins. We knew so far that their name is Goblin Gang and Dart Goblin! Both of them seems to have different abilities in fighting their enemy.

But easy, we will keep you update about them in the next article of each of the character sneak peek.


New Epicness

The other thing that will appear in the next updates is the new epicness!

There will be Epic Sunday where you can request and donate the epic cards on Sunday

There are Shop Epics where the price is cut in half starting at 1000 gold and there will be the Epic Chests where you can get lucky enough to have a new card for your decks.


Clan Chest

The fourth is there will be new clan chest!

The event will take time on Dec 19 and will be last for one week

Now you can put the teamwork with all of your clan mates to get and open the clan chests.

Special Event

And the last sneak peek for the next update is there will be new special event challenge.

There is a crown duel challenge, there you will be in challenge where you build a deck by picking 4 cards and receiving 4 from your enemies. You will be able to test yourself in the friendly that will set on Dec 15 while the actual challenge will be ready to enter on Dec 16.

Keep yourself updated by keep checking into our sites.

Mate, don’t forget you can put your opinions on the new update sneak peek, everything in the comment section.

Have a nice day, cheers!