It’s the beginning of the lovely July. I always love July. Maybe this month is the month that you guys should be cheering about because great things would happen to you start from today. Trust me, I’m your wise uncle. So yeah, believe me.


Okay, as usual, I’m here to present you the newest news in Clash Royale community. For today, yup the new update will come soon most likely tomorrow and I got some sneak peek for the next update. There are new things and changes in the new update and all of them are exciting. So here are things for your early knowledge about the update:

New Arena

You are right! There is a new arena that will be in the next update and its name is Frozen Peak! The Frozen Peak will be your cold new arena. From what we have seen, the arena will be all like a battlefield covered with snows! You can unlock the arena if you are able to achieve 2300 trophies.

Four New Card

Not only the new arena, there will four new cards that will be added to the game! We have known two of them and their name is Ice Spirit which is a common card and Bowler who is an Epic Card. Don’t worry we’ll give you a sneak peek of each of the cards soon.  

Two New Legendary Cards

In the new updates, there will be two new cards that will be released. The two cards names are Lumberjack and The Log. We’ll also have the sneak peek of these two new legends, so stay tuned.

New Massive Features: Tournaments!

Yap, there will be new features and sure it will be exciting because it is tournaments! Tournaments where you can challenge the other players. In the tournaments also, you will be able to win huge tournament chests. But soon, wait for the details for tomorrow.

So, stay tuned for the real update that will come tomorrow!

I’m signing out here, cheers!