Back with me your favorite wasted uncle and what I’m gonna say today is… it’s cliché by the way. Yap, good morning all of you my favorite people in the world. I cannot think any better word to greet you, but I hope it lights your mood up.


Okay, that’s enough, back to our lovely game. We have figured out today that the new update will arrive tomorrow. There are certain upgrade and changes that will change in the new update and here we have the sneak peeks of the newest update you should look into it

New chests

There will be new chests in the new update. There will be Legendary Chest that will have a Legendary Card from every arena. Not only the Legendary Cards there will be also Epic Chests that contains the Epic Cards.

Four New Cards

There are 4 new cards upcoming and arrive to the arena! We have figured out one of their names. it is called the Mega Minion. All of them will be available soon and each one of them will be released in every two weeks.

New Tournament Mode

The new update also will involve new tournament mode. There will be challenges coming up where you can unlock the top prize at 12 wins but out if you lost 3 matches.

There is classic challenge with 10 gems to make your entry with 2000 gold and 100 cards as the prize. And the last sneak peek is there is the Grand Challenge that will cost 100 of your gems to enter, and the top prize will be 22000 Gold and 1100 cards.

Wait for the official update that will come tomorrow, so stay updated with us. Put your comments on the upcoming update in the comment section below

Wait for me tomorrow, Cheers!