Hey, the Kingdoms crew back again. Today we got the official sneak peek for the upcoming updates mate. Here are things that you must check right away


You’ll get more deck slots

Get to unlock the extra Battle Decks at level 8.

Invite your mates to your Clash Royale friends list, invite them straight to your Clan

Clans now can be unlocked at level 1

New cards

The new updated will be containing new cards! Yup, they are:

New Legendary Card: Mega Knight

New Epic Card: Canon Cart

New Rare Card: Flying Machine

New Common Card: Skeleton Barrel

Each of the new cards will be launched following a Special Challenge. The special challenge is Sudden Death”, Ramp Up” and Triple Elixir”

New 2v2 modes

The 2v2 is coming with all the new modes and features

The game modes are 2v2 friendly battle, 2v2 draft, and 2v2 challenge

Get the chests with all of your mates!

The 2v2 button will be available on your main screen as the next update launched

As the button is available, you can invite a friend, a clan mate or pair yourself with everyone on the Internet to play the 2v2 to get the chests, victory gold and the crown for the clan chest and the crown chest!

You can check all of the details as the updates is available soon and put some your comments on this new update sneak peek down below in the comment section

Everything is alright, mate. Drink some coffee