This is the new Pekka Beatdown deck. You might familiar with Pekka and Goblin Barrel combination. This time, we won’t just have those, we have more vicious beasts in this deck. Let’s see how this deck called Pekka beatdown deck.


Hey there, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy and today I’m ready to rock your day. We will play with Pekka combined with Goblin Barrel. Those are our winning conditions. In order to make this deck beatdown, we will have Witch, Inferno Dragon, and much more. Let’s see the deck matchups first.

Make sure to follow this article until the end, you’ll understand the basic strategy and at the end, I will give you a video gameplay. Hopefully the gameplay will help you understand the strategy better. In the videos, I fight against various deck, and it turns out, this Pekka beatdown deck can beat all of them.

Pekka beatdown deck


Average elixir cost : 3.6

Play This Deck


As you may all know, Witch is one of the best support for Pekka. Despite her ability of spawning skeletons, she deals splash damage for both ground and air units.


Another area damage is Baby Dragon. If you wanna play Pekka beatdown, you need a very strong defense. When we use Witch specifically for countering with Pekka, we set Baby Dragon specifically for defense.


Not only Baby Dragon, we also have Inferno Dragon. This one is very good for countering any tankers. Yes, I highly recommend you to use Inferno Dragon mainly for defense. Inferno Dragon is considerably effective defense card because you don’t need to deploy any more cards to overcome enemy’s counter with tanker.


There are 2 cheap troops, Goblins and Bats that suit perfectly in here. They can be defenders and attackers. In attacking, Pekka will act as their tanker, and while protected by Pekka, Goblins and Bats will go reckless.

In addition, I mostly use these cheap cards for defense. We they will help high HP defender by adding sustained DPS.


Lastly, we have Zap. Since we combine Pekka and swarms, we can play Zap retarget archetype. When Pekka be the tower target, and we have Goblins or Bats or skeleton from Witch, just Zap on the tower. The tower will change their target onto those swarms and free your Pekka.

What to do in early game?

In early game, you can start countering with Witch. Deploy her behind the crown tower so your elixir will recharge and be able to deploy Pekka immediately.

So, after the Witch deployed, your enemy will likely to take the opportunity by attacking your opposite lane.

Due to anticipate that, we should prepare the dragons, either Inferno or Baby Dragon. I highly recommend you not to waste so much elixir for the defense. It is because we have Witch already, and need 7 elixirs to launch Pekka.


One tower will be down, but theirs too!

Well, in playing beatdown deck, that’s okay if the enemy steal countering from the opposite lane, harm the tower, or even destroy our tower. Pekka beatdown archetype shouldn’t be underestimate guys

So, after you deploy one dragon, send Pekka on the bridge in front of the Witch. This is the beginning of your beatdown counter.

Afterwards, throw Goblin Barrel once the enemy’s tower targets on Pekka. At this moment, your elixir will be enough to support the countering with Zap.

This is not massive yet

Here, you see how’ Pekka HP. If the tower keeps target on Pekka while Pekka remains low HP, you zap the tower, and the tower will retarget onto skeletons from the Witch or Goblins from the barrel.

This is the basic counter in early game, the massive is yet to come!

What to do in late game?

When you enter late game, you actually still run the same counter archetype similar to the early game. However, since the elixir recharge faster, go crazy and massive by sending Inferno Dragon to join Pekka.


Push harder and harder

Deploy Goblins and Bats as well to complicate the enemy’s defense. So, in countering line, you’ll have Pekka, Inferno Dragon, area dealers, and swarms. This will be even crazier because you have Goblin Barrel that will likely arrive unseen.

Keep in balance till the end, defense while countering

Once you reach this moment, play the Zap retarget strategy. If possible, the retarget the tower onto swarms or dragons, so your Pekka will be able to give more hit on the tower.

Card replacement

Bats-Card-Clash-Royale-KingdomMinions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Substitute Bats with Minions

witch-card-clash-royale-kingdomnight witch card-clash-royale-kingdom

Substitute Witch with Night Witch


Herewith, I give you the gameplay showing you how to play the deck in real battle. See how I start countering, how I defend effectively with the dragons, and how to massively counter the enemy in 2x elixir. Let’s go crazy, good luck!


In conclusion, if you want to play Pekka beatdown, just be courageous. Yet, you should keep in balance by having an effective defense strategy. Therefore, I highly recommend you to bring 2 dragons here for effective defense.

I hope you enjoy this guide article, Good luck guys!