Morning to all of you young champs! We have a very exciting news today. As you are looking to your main screen per today it is said that a NEW LEGENDARY CARD is arriving to collect into your decks! Yes, a new legendary card!


Supercell has already teased us all that this new legendary card is a very exciting new character. We have known also that the new card is called MEGA KNIGHT! (I guarantee you that his name is not an exaggerating thing)

What should we know about the Mega Knight?


Screenshot-mega knight-new-card

I still have that beautiful blue eyes tho 

From what we have known so far, the Mega Knight is a full armoured fighter and truly a destroyer beast. He has these two spiky huge hammers ready to destroy everything in front of him. He also has his iron mask covered his face that suits him like a killing machine.

From what we have seen in the video teased by supercell, Mega Knight has unique power with combining his two hammers to smash his enemy right into pieces and destroy them right away. A truly heavyweight card to put in the front line on the battlefield!

Screenshot-mega knight-deploy-new-card

Woosh, you’re done once I arrived 

The other damage that the Mega Knight can produce is once you summon him to the battlefield he can destroy the enemy right away in the first place he appears and jump again to the next opponent. 
The time the Mega Knight arrive at the place where you deploy him, it is safe to say he can just clean anything in front of him.


Screenshot-mega knight-jump-new-card

Don’t wait for me, I will jump right into you 

And what is interesting more about him is he has this very unique power to smash his enemy by jumping right into the opponent’s face. Yes, he can jump! 
He would jump from where he stands right through to the enemy’s face and smash them like nothing. I think this could make the offensive minded players would feel good by using this beast in their deck since he can destroy anything of the ground based card in front of him.


Screenshot-mega knight-smash-new-card

Just don’t play tennis with him 

The Mega Knight can smash anything off the ground based cards like grouped cards like goblin or skeleton army in a single smash or even face and take down the other legendary card like the Ice Wizard.


Screenshot-mega knight-new-card-fight

He is still the winner in legend vs legend battle

As a legendary card, he cost 7 elixirs but we can guarantee you that he could be very effective to put on the battlefield since he has those unique powers. We suggest you especially for the more attacking minded players to try searching for this card. Well, I bet every one of you also wants the same.

By looking our main per today it can be confirmed that the Mega Knight card would be available in 16 days.


Screenshot-mega knight-new-card-end

The other news is you can join the Mega Knight challenge to get this new legendary card as soon as possible. 
So, get ready for the challenge and win this Mega Knight beast!

And of course, if have some thoughts about this exciting new card, you can share everything below.

Your wasted uncle is signing out here, ciao!