Hello Monday people! Welcome to the new week and today shall be great, set a new tone, a new perspective for your days ahead. It’s time to do good and be better man. Let’s start this week with a new discussion of another Clash Royale strong current meta combo. Kingdom team’s here again and JohnnyBoy’s speaking here. In today’s article, we are gonna talk about the use of lava hound combined with balloon and inferno dragon. Lava-loon is one of popular combos in clash royale and today we will add one burst dealer behind them to be another damage dealer. Let’s talk about Lavaloon Inferno Dragon in ultimate combo.

Besides, we have minion horde included too. This can be a good defense card and also be the crazy dealer. So far, we have 4 air units troops and so we will have party on the air with so many crazy dealers.

Alright folks, before we discuss in depth, let’s see what do we have in the deck matchups

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.1

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As you can see that we still have one more air unit; mega minion. Mega minion will help us in defending. Collaborating it with tombstone might be a wise decision. This will create a strong defense combo where the tombstone will distract any incoming troops and mega minion will keep on dealing with them.

Besides, we have skeleton army too. This card might be the part of spell bait. Since we play with the minion horde, we should have card to be spell bait. The skeleton army in defending will put enemy unease because they are too many. Becoming a serious problem to the enemy, this will probably force the enemy to deploy their arrows or zap. Nah, here is the bait part, once they arrow on the army, we will have a big chance to succeed minion horde. If possible, send the minion horde to countering, but if you need them to defend then go ahead.

After we defending with tombstone and mega minion, it’s time to attack.


defense with mega minion and tombstone

What to do in early battle?

Since you play with lava hound, I think it would be better if we give pressure on enemy first. Deploy lava right on the corner of your lane. Before you deploy this air tanker, wait till the elixir reaches full bar first due to immediate launch next after.

Once you send lava to the battlefield, you can deploy the inferno dragon behind it. Deploy the inferno beside your princess tower so we can have time for elixir recharge. Once you have both cards coming to enemy’s lane, don’t deploy balloon, wait. Here we should adjust our next card deployment with the enemy’s. If the enemy sends swarmy to kill the inferno then we should send minion horde. Minion horde will excellently cover the dealer and lava.


inferno dragon after lava, then balloon

However, if the enemy sends single troops, not swarmy, we deploy balloon. So, while the defensive troops target on the inferno and lava, the balloon will ignore every troops and focus on the tower only.

After you go with either balloon or minion horde after lava inferno, don’t deploy any more cards. It’s time to defend.


lava-loon with horde

In defending, we should build up tombstone first before any other cards. Once you see incoming troops, deploy tombstone on the centre of your lane. Once the enemy gets distracted, deploy mega minion.

However, we should adjust and see what comes. If that is tanker or high HP troops, we deploy the inferno dragon to specifically kill the tanker. If it isn’t enough, we still have skeleton army which can add more distraction and hundred tiny stabs.

Hopefully, the enemy arrow those skeletons because if yes, we can have safe minion horde next after.


Countering with Horde (2x elixir)

This is horde time! After running the defense method above, we can go counter attack. This time will be no different with previous counter strategy. The thing which will be added is minion horde. So, after the lava and inferno dragon, we can send the balloon.

Let the enemy deploys their stopper cards. No matter what they send to counter three countering cards, send the horde on the bridge to quickly shut the stoppers.

Since this is 2x elixir, you will have enough elixir to run this strategy. The thing we should concern is deployment position. Deploy the lava hound from the corner of your lane. After your elixir recharged, send the inferno dragon behind lava immediately. Once they enter the enemy territory, go with the balloon on the bridge.


immediate balloon once lava dies

At this moment, we have inferno dragon and balloon as the dealers. And the enemy must have something to stop this counter combo. Nah, we deploy the horde this time to execute the stoppers. If the enemy arrow on the horde then we can send the skeleton army.

Special Inferno Dragon

Since we count on inferno dragon to be the burst dealer, we can always steal attack like this





This deck and strategies are by far the greatest lava-loon deck in current meta. Combining it with inferno dragon to add one more dealer beside balloon. Here, we give enemy some options and they should handle one of those at the same time. In fact, none of them should be ignored or let free. If one of inferno or balloon are out of target, they will bring the death to the enemy. You should really try this deck folks, and be the witness of deadly lava loon combo.

Have you ever played with this deck? If you are a lava player, please let me know if I miss something. And let me know your suggestion and comments in the discussion column below.

See you on battlefield!