This is it, the new form Golem Graveyard deck combo! After certain updates in Clash Royale, there are several troops get buffed and nerfed. And it’s worth to make the fresh deck of Golem Graveyard deck. We will play Golem and Graveyard as winning conditions. we also have Inferno Dragon, which can be effective defender. 


Hey there, it’s me JohnnyBoy back again bringing you the fresh, new, and more powerful Golem Graveyard deck.

I believe this is one of popular Golem beatdown deck which so many players often use. Well, before we go any further, let’s see the deck matchups first.

Golem Graveyard deck


Average elixir cost : 4.0

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As you can see, we will have Inferno Dragon which can be used as alternative counter with Golem. However, I primarily use Inferno Dragon for defense. I consider the dragon as effective defense card due to its gradual damage. And that means, we only need to deploy one dragon to kill any tanker.


Next, we have Valkyrie. I think Valkyrie is perfect to be a defender in this deck. This one is similar to Inferno Dragon, effective defender. Use Valkyrie to diminish all swarms and I also use her to be damage receiver against any counter.

We help Bats, a super handy troop which can help Valkyrie and Inferno Dragon securing the lane. In addition, Bats also good for Golem companion in countering.

tesla card-clash-royale-kingdom

Tesla is considered important if you fight against Hog Rider or Balloon deck. This will help Inferno Dragon by leading the incoming Balloon or Hog to the middle area. Inferno needs a couple seconds for its gradual damage. And if your enemy counters with Balloon following Lava and there are so many troops coming to your lane, you can bring them to the centre area first by building Tesla.


Lastly, we have 2 spells: Zap and Arrows. These spells are very important to help you countering with Golem Graveyard in early game. Especially if there are Minion Horde interrupts your Graveyard, you just need to shoot Arrows on those, and everything will run as you expected.

What to do in early game?

In early game, you can initiate counter first, otherwise you can defense. If I have Golem ready on the list, I will go on counter. Deploy Golem behind the crown tower so your elixir will be enough for Graveyard launch next after.

At this moment, the enemy might take opportunity to steal counter at the opposite lane. If so, you need to keep balance, let the Golem walks alone and you send defenders on the opposite lane.


Keep it balance, be patient, defense effectively

I recommend you to defend with Inferno Dragon, Valkyrie, Tesla, Bats, and spells. In most cases, those troops will be enough to counter anything. This is early game, and the enemy won’t counter massively.

Every time you defend, you need to pay attention to elixir spending. Remember that you need to counter push with Graveyard with Golem.

As we need to defend effectively, you can send Valkyrie or Inferno Dragon first. If one of them is enough, don’t deploy any more troops.

In the middle of defending and Graveyard shows up on the list, launch it on where your Golem goes. Lastly, support Golem Graveyard combo with spells that you have.

Keep it balance!

What to do in late game?

When you enter late game, you still counter similarly like you do in early game. The difference is that you counter more massive by adding Inferno Dragon in countering line.

Keep in mind, this is beatdown counter guys, so, you need to play it patiently. It’s okay to receive little damage from enemy, because as I said, the enemy will most likely to steal counter while you wait elixir for Golem.

In the middle of your waiting, I highly recommend you to send Inferno Dragon only to defend against anything.

This is how you use Inferno to fight anything

That’s okay if your tower gets harm, Inferno won’t let the enemy to give more hit and the dragon will kill the attacker very quickly. This is what I mean effective defense.

When you need to defend first before deploy Golem, Inferno will be beside Princess tower, then you deploy Golem on the bridge. This is how to start hard counter push guys.


Golem after defending Inferno is the beginning of massive counter

However, if you don’t defend with Inferno Dragon, just deploy Golem behind crown tower. Then, send Inferno Dragon after Golem enters enemy territory.

This time, you just need to wait for elixir is enough to launch Graveyard. And after Graveyard, I believe the enemy would be so hard to manage their defense. You give them harder push, by sending Bats and Valkyrie.

Whoever plays beatdown deck, 2x elixir is time for craziness

Card replacement


Substitute Zap with Fireball


Remember, whenever you play with beatdown deck, you need to play it patiently by effective defending. That’s okay if the enemy harms your tower. Defense with Inferno Dragon so you can use it to make a hard-counter push. That’s what I mean effective, one card to kill anything.

You need to play effective defense because you have Golem that you should deploy, and that’s expensive. So, elixir spending is crucial

Alright, hope you enjoy this article, Good luck!