Good day everyone! Here me again JohnnyBoy will start this beautiful Monday with a review of the new flying machine and how the new machine will work in a deck full of air units. Some of you may not like the flying machine because it has no different with the musketeer even lower HP. Yes, I didn’t like it too at first trying because that was the first try and didn’t get used to it yet. After some battle using the flying machine, I tried to play it in a deck full of air units, and you know what, it’s superb guys.


All you need to know

It appears that the flying machine can function to shoot from a distance and we should cover it with tankers and supports so it will invisibly make the free hit on either enemy’s troops or tower. Generally speaking, we should know how to cover it up so we can see how great it is. The flying machine can be so helpful as it can reach and shoot to all the lane in its safest place. Alright guys, in today’s article I’m gonna show you the air deck we are gonna use to cover the flying machine. 

Deck matchups

Average Elixir Cost : 4


Lava hound 

The first in our list we have lava hound as the tanker who will gonna be the damaged receiver of all air units. If you wanna play with the flying machine, and you better enclose a heavy tanker, and in this case, we will use lava hound; not golem, not giant, etc because as you can see in the title we play with all air units in the deck, so there is no better air tank than lava hound.

Inferno dragon

If we have lava hound as a tanker than we should have the main damage dealer; inferno dragon. Inferno dragon has everything we need; it has the highest with gradual damage per second and reliable HP too. Specifically, we can use inferno dragon to counter the enemy’s tanker such as golem, P.E.K.K.A, giant, lava, etc. One inferno dragon will quickly beat down those tankers because of its gradual damage. However, we should now first whether the enemy has the zap or not. If yes, we should make a bait to make the enemy launches the zap. After they launch the zap, we can send the inferno dragon.

Why should we wait till the enemy leash the zap first? It’s a part of the strategy guys. We don’t want the enemy resets our inferno dragon’s gradual damage when fighting against the tanker. So, we can send the minions horde or bats first to push the enemy so they will likely leash the zap. That’s what you should do whenever you fight the tanker. If they use the zap to counter our minion horde or bats, we can send the inferno dragon with a safe feeling because we just prevent the enemy from resetting our inferno. Watch this and see how deadly inferno dragon is, especially in the critical time. 

Mega minion and baby dragon

Next, we have one splash damage dealer and one special support for the inferno dragon. We can use the baby dragon quite flexibly; to defend and attack. It depends on what enemy’s launch to counter; if the enemy sends their one damage dealer such as wizard, witch, etc., we can send the mega minion to counter it back. If the enemy sends number troops such as minions or minion horde or bats, we can send the baby dragon which can handle the number troops easily.

Bats, minions, and minion horde

These cards are meant to support our attacking and defense. We have three numbers troops cards here guys, and that happens for a reason. We use one of them to bait the enemy to leash their zap; to prevent them from resetting the gradual damage from inferno. Arrows to prevent them from killing another number troops cards. Fireball to prevent them from killing another number troops card.

For example, we can use the bats to make the enemy leashes their spell cards which can harm our minion horde or minions. Once they deploy their spell cards to counter our bats, we can freely launch the minions or minion horde.

Flying machine

On the last, we have the flying machine. Nah we can use the flying machine after we are sure that the enemy focuses on our tanker or heavy support. We send the flying machine to add some more damage on enemy’s tower and troops.

Flying machine can pretty much handle the enemy by shooting from a distance (as I said earlier). It isn’t a tanker because it has low HP, it isn’t a primary damage dealer because it doesn’t have enough damage to counter the heavy troops. But it’s a great support we can use to be in the center of the lane and shoot everything. And that’s so much helpful for our tanker, supports, and damage dealer.

Nah, guys, I hope you get the idea of flying machine’s function. Now, let’s talk about the strategy to run this deck. 


– You can replace either minions or minion horde with mirror card.

– If you decide to pick mirror card, we can do lava push from the both side of the lane

– We can do the both lane lava push at the first attempt

– It will be so hard for the enemy to choose which one they should handle first

– Do more push by sending the baby dragon or bats on the lane which is out of enemy’s focus

– Send the flying machine on the lane which we focus on

For countering, he is unreachable


– At this moment, the enemy will probably leash their spell cards

– If yes, we can send the inferno dragon

– Now, one of the enemy’s tower must be running out of HP

– It’s time to defend

– When defending, we can use mega minion and inferno dragon as the primary defender.

– Send the mega minion first then send either baby dragon or inferno dragon; depending on the cards you fight. If the enemy sends a tanker with support, you can launch mega minion and inferno dragon.

inferno dragon to be a tanker killer


– Set the inferno dragon to fight the tanker

– To add more secure, you can launch lava to be a damaged receiver while your inferno and meg minion are finishing the tanker.

– When the lava and mega minion finish off the tanker, they will counter the supports which counter our lava

– Nah, this is the time for counter attack

– On this counter-attack, you can send the flying machine to add some more damage.

In this state, I guarantee that you’ll lead the game because you cause serious trouble on the enemy’s tower while you still have a good defending plan.

central defender in its secure zone

start lava push / mirror lava on 2x elixir


Alright, guys. Now you have the simple gameplay and the deck matchup. So far, the flying machine isn’t the significant card which can lead us to victory because even without the flying machine you can still win the game. But guys, I believe there are still reasons why flying machine does exist. And I think one of the reason is it can ease our job in fighting the enemy and it has a wide range to shoot everything, and you know what, if we can make it invisible and out of enemy’s range it can be a booby trap. 

Let’s have all air units and fill the air! With all units air troops the game will be easy peasy lemon cheesy! That’s it for today’s article; you correct me if I’m wrong. Or if you have any idea or opinion about flying machine you let me know in the comment below. See you again soon my friends, and I love you all!